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Exceptional Children Research: MTH Introduction to Exceptional Children/Research

MTH Introduction to Exceptional Children/Research

The purpose of this site is to augment student understanding of research concerning music therapy with children and adolescents having special needs. The emphasis in the journal articles selected is on current applications of clinical music therapy. Techniques for use in music therapy with children are examined through this research. This is a work in progress. Literature will be added as relevant articles are identified.

The journal articles selected for inclusion in this music therapy site are provided through the collaboration of Professor Dr. Peggy Codding and Librarian Zoe Rath after extensive review of relevant databases in music, music therapy, medicine and exceptional children/adolescents. Additionally Dr. Codding's students in MTH 351 class have contributed a wide range of articles as part of their mid-term project.

The journal articles selected are relevant to topics in:

  • MTH 231: Music in Special Education
  • MTH 232: Practicum 1
  • MTH 351: Exceptional Children
  • MTH 331: Research in Music Therapy
  • MTH 332: Music Therapy Practicum 3: Research

Students enrolled in:

  • MTH 311: Psychology of Music
  • MTH 431: Music Therapy and Medicine
  • MTH 432: Music Therapy Practicum 5- Clinical Application

will also benefit from the clinical knowledge and research applications found in the articles provided here.

The majority of this research was chosen because it demonstrates clinical applications of music therapy with children having specific special needs as represented in current research literature. Topic areas generally follow those defined in the lectures of MTH 351, Exceptional Children and as chapter headings in the current text for that course. Where music is not discussed in these chapters, these articles provide specific applications for defined disability areas as related to children. The selection of articles is not all-inclusive but is intended to act as a “stepping stone” to more extensive research for students.

Where possible, full text articles were chosen for inclusion on this site. All or almost studies meet these criteria. Directions for viewing the full text for any article with linked Durable URL are as follows. Click on the link and you will first see the article citation. Next, scroll to the end of the citation and click on “Full Text” or “Full Text-PDF.” From here you can print or email the article. Note wireless pin required for access to full-text off campus.

Please visit the Resources for Music Therapy Research#Selected_Music_Therapy_Databases page and contact Zoe at to suggest other articles to add to the Exceptional Children/Research in Support of Clinical Music Therapy page.