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Exceptional Children Research: Table of Contents

Selected Journal Articles

The journal articles selected for inclusion in this music therapy site are provided through the collaboration of Professor Dr. Peggy Codding and Librarian Zoe Rath after extensive review of relevant databases in music, music therapy, medicine and exceptional children/adolescents. Additionally Dr. Codding's students in MTH 351 class have contributed a wide range of articles as part of their mid-term project.

The journal articles selected are relevant to topics in:

  • MTH 231: Music in Special Education
  • MTH 232: Practicum 1
  • MTH 351: Exceptional Children
  • MTH 331: Research in Music Therapy
  • MTH 332: Music Therapy Practicum 3: Research

Students enrolled in:

  • MTH 311: Psychology of Music
  • MTH 431: Music Therapy and Medicine
  • MTH 432: Music Therapy Practicum 5- Clinical Application

will also benefit from the clinical knowledge and research applications found in the articles provided here.

Click on the links below and you will first see the article's abstract, and details then scroll to end and click on "Full Text URL." Full text is available for majority of articles listed, links to either the html or PDF version of the document will be shown. E.g. Image:Ftlink_hlp.gif or Image:Pdflink hlp.gif

Note One Pass Password required for access to databases/articles off campus

MTH Introduction to Exceptional Children/Research

1. History of Special Education/Exceptionality/Inclusion (1 article)

2. Multiculturalism & Music Therapy (1 article)

3. Parents and Families & Music Therapy (3 articles)

4. Infants and Music Therapy (3 articles)

  • Premature
  • Early Intervention
  • Other Infant

5. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Music Therapy (4 articles)

6. Learning Disabilities and Music Therapy

  • Perceptual
  • Brain Injury (1 article)
  • Minimal Brain Dysfunction
  • Dyslexia
  • Developmental Aphasia

7. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Music Therapy (2 article)

8. Emotional or Behavior Disorders and Music Therapy (9 articles)

  • Behavior (4 article)
  • Complex Trauma (3 articles)
  • Psychiatric Disorders (2 article)
  • Affective & Anxiety Disorders

9. Communication Disorders and Music Therapy (Language & Speech) (3 articles)

  • Speech – Phonological, Articulation, Voice, Fluency, Motor-Speech
  • Language – Phonological, Morphological, Syntactical, Semantic, Pragmatic

10. Blindness & Low Vision and Music Therapy (4 articles)

11. Deaf & Hard of Hearing and Music Therapy (4 articles)

12. Autism Spectrum Disorders (12 articles)

  • Autism (11 articles)
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Rett Syndrome (1 article)
  • Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder

13. Physical Disabilities and Other Health Impairments Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Neuro-rehabilitation (Altered Consciousness) (2 articles)
  • Neuro-motor (3 articles)
  • Orthopedic
  • Musculoskeletal

14. Gifted and Talented Children (3 articles)

15. Music Therapy in Group Settings (4 articles)

16. Clinical Case Studies in Music Therapy (3 article)

17. Meta-Analysis and Literature Reviews (3 article)

18. Typical Children

  • Attitudes

Please visit the Music Therapy Recommended Databases page and contact Zoe at to suggest other articles to add to the Exceptional Children/Research in Support of Clinical Music Therapy page.