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Exceptional Children Research: Learning Disabilities and Music Therapy

Learning Disabilities and Music Therapy



Brain Injury

Bower, J., Shemark, H. (2009).

Article Number: LDB1
Author: Bower, Janeen; Shoemark, Helen
Title: Music Therapy to Promote Interpersonal Interactions in Early Paediatric Neurorehabilitation
Reference: The Australian Journal of Music Therapy 20 (2009) p.59-75
Abstract: The authors present a case study of a pediatric patient with an acquired brain injury (ABI) who emerged from coma and posttraumatic amnesia. He was able to produce some speech, but was unable to successfully use it to relate to others. The clinical music therapy program promoted basic interpersonal interaction skills, other than speech, in the early stages of his recovery. Music therapy and co-facilitated music therapy/speech pathology interventions were successful in engaging the patient in musical interactions and offered the opportunity to musically rehearse appropriate interpersonal interactions to build social capacity.
Document type: Research and Analysis
Broad subject: Music and Other Disciplines
Topics: Rehabilitation; Patients; Music Therapy; Interactions; Case studies; Children; Interpersonal Relationships; Speech; Brain activity; Injuries
Publisher: Australian Music Therapy Association Inc
Country: Australia
ISSN: 1036-9457
ProQuest Document ID :1467269
Full Text : URL
Last updated: 2010-12-24
Database: International Index to Music Periodicals Full Text

Minimal Brain Dysfunction


Developmental Aphasia