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Exceptional Children Research: History of Special Education/Exceptionality/Inclusion

History of Special Education/Exceptionality/Inclusion

Darrow, A.-A. (2007).

Article Number: HSP1
Author: Darrow, Alice-Ann
Title: Looking to the Past: Thirty Years of History Worth Remembering
Reference: Music Therapy Perspectives 25:2 (2007) p.94-99
Abstract: The author, a music therapist, provides her personal reflections on schools prior to the passage of PL 94-142, the Education for All Handicapped Children Act. She presents some of the historical highlights of special education as a professional who witnessed the educational changes this law set forth and describes the place of music in that history. In the years since the passage of PL 94-142, significant progress has been made toward developing and implementing educational programs and services for students with the most severe disabilities. Many of these students now receive music education and music therapy as part of their educational programs.
Document type: Feature
Broad subject: Music and Other Disciplines; Music Education; Music History
Topics: Legislation; Special Education; Disabilities; Curricula; Educational Programs; Music Therapy
Publisher: American Music Therapy Association
ISSN: 0734-6875
ProQuest Document ID: 1372853
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Database: International Index to Music Periodicals