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LENS Wellbeing Resource Guide: Career & Academic




Emotional Wellbeing


Physical Wellbeing


Environmental Wellbeing


Exploring academic and career opportunities is essential. Researching and identifying your skills, goals, and interests as it pertains to your courses and career will help you find value and broaden your Berklee experience.


Social & Cultural Wellbeing


Spiritual Wellbeing


Financial Wellbeing

Examples of Career and Academic Wellbeing:


  • Finding meaning and connections of the classroom learning as it pertains to your future.

  • Active exploration of interests via internships, auditions, shows, study abroad, spring Break Career Trips, etc.

  • Having a well-developed sense of self; likes, dislikes and motivation around coursework and professional opportunities.

  • Seeking out friends, peers, family and mentors who can support, provide guidance and help to create professional networks and pathways

Academic Advising

Advising Drop-ins to discuss quick topics such as a quick course question, class withdrawal, and questions regarding other resources (what would be helpful, where they're located, etc.)

Meet with your advisor to discuss topics such as academic planning for coming semesters, graduation planning, and major exploration


Career Center

Career Advising

Explore Careers and Industries

Career Planning

Internships and Funding

Student Employment

Networking Resources



Berklee’s Stan Getz Library (a.k.a. “the Getz”) is home to a collection of print and electronic publications, including many music scores, audio and video recordings, major online academic research databases and collections, scholarly journals, popular press periodicals, archives, and more.

The Albert Alphin Library at Boston Conservatory at Berklee offers access to information in the areas of dance, music, theater, and liberal arts. This includes collected editions of composers’ works, plays and scripts, scores, recordings, electronic databases, periodicals, and more.


The Learning Center

Classes as well as individualized Peer Training to assist you in learning how to use today's production software & hardware.

Core Music Tutoring

Technology Training

Contact Information

Ask a Librarian

150 Massachusetts Ave

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