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IPA, Translation, and other Vocal Resources: General Resources

Resources for finding word-for-word, poetic and IPA translations of vocal works, as well as other reference books related to voice studies.


Welcome to this guide for exploring the vocal resources that the Albert Alphin and Stan Getz Library has to offer. The majority of these resources can be found in the Albert Alphin Library, either in the main stacks or in the music reference section (along the fireplace wall near the Quiet Room entrance).


Most of the materials listed here contain translations (word-for-word, poetic or International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)) of songs, operas, oratorios and choral works. You will also find additional books concerning guides and biographical information related to songs and opera works.


The resources are largely grouped by language, with general and online resources found on this homepage.



Online resources

There are several sites online where you can find IPA charts and quick guides. We recommend these two:

International Phonetic Alphabet

IPA Charts

General print resources

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