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Sustainability and the Environment in Europe: Berklee Valencia Campus Initiatives

In this guide you can find resources about sustainability, climate change, and environmental topics, with a focus on European policy and activism. The page "Berklee Valencia Newsletter: Sustainability Section" will be updated weekly with different topics,

On this page

Here you will find information about all the sustainability initiatives we have already put in place on the Valencia campus. We want to keep this up and continue to make our campus more eco friendly for the future! 

Berklee Valencia Campus Initiatives

  • When purchasing office supplies, we always try to make the greenest choice, for example re-fillable markers and recycled post-its. The inventory is carefully monitored so as not to over-order or buy anything unnecessarily.  
  • Giving away metal water bottles to the students during orientation week encourages people to reuse and not buy single-use plastic bottles. 
  • The library is in favour of buying second-hand books where possible. 
  • An initiative from HR organised the planting of trees in Africa on behalf of all staff and faculty.
  • Having library accessories (such as headphones and adaptors) means students won't have to buy so much equipment that they may only use a handful of times. 
  • Migrating to Workday means receipts and invoices are digital, so has saved a lot of paper. 
  • We reduce hours during holidays when there are fewer students on campus, which saves energy.
  • Students access the orientation agenda and handbooks online via QR codes, instead of many paper copies. 
  • Previous student clubs such as Plastic Free Playlists organised campus initiatives and concerts to promote sustainability.   
  • Health and Wellness have promoted energy saving with posters reminding us to turn off the lights.  
  • We have a collection for technical equipment to be recycled correctly and safely. 
  • In the lobby there are recycling bins for batteries. 
  • All around campus you can find posters with correct instructions for recycling and which things should go in which bin. 
  • In the library we always print posters on scrap paper, and have a scrap paper bin for students to use. 
  • The BookCrossing donation scheme gives old books a new life. 

Sustainability in Action!


CE Projects sustainability-related

Here you can find the titles of previous Culminating Experience Projects which were related to the environment, sustainability, climate change or the natural world in some way. If you would like to read the abstracts, you can find all CE project abstracts in the Culminating Experience Project Abstracts LibGuide. If you would like to read in full any of the projects, speak to a librarian or email


  • Jason Polychronakos (SFTV 2023) - "The Land Where the Sun Sets"
  • Zoe Berman (GEMB 2023) - "Sustainability at Environmentally Conscious American Festivals"
  • Terézia Froncová (CPPD 2023) - "Nature as a Temple: A glimpse of eternity through an intimate musical confession"
  • David Macchione (GJ 2023) - “Burnt Roots - Story Of An Olive Tree”
  • Amaia de Roode Jauregi (GEMB 2022) - "Sustainability at mega-festivals in Europe. The status quo & recommendations."
  • Arun Mangrulkar (SFTV 2022) - "Our Planet: The Search for Structure"
  • Joseph Cornella (CPPD 2022) - "Environmental Advocacy through Music"
  • Nishchal Manjunath (GJ 2022) - "Catabolic Collapse" 
  • Davide Cerreta (GJ 2021) - "Climate Apocalypse: Human Impact on the Environment’s Equilibrium" 
  • Suwon Yim (GJ 2021) - "Nature’s Melody"
  • Eli Heath (GJ 2020) - "Reclaiming A Stolen Future: A Musical Exploration of the Intersection of Climate Change and Racial Inequality in the Modern World"
  • Enhui Xia (SFTV 2020) - "The Making of BBC Earth, The Hunt: Sardine Feeding Frenzy"
  • Minnie Jordan (GJ 2020) - "Avian Voices: Inspired by Imperiled Soundscapes, Advocating for Nature's Musicians"
  • Vittorio Arno (MPTI 2020) - "Address: The Future of Life on Earth"
  • Casey Miller (GEMB 2019) - "environmntl: Business Plan"
  • Clementine Charuel (SFTV 2018) - "Earth In Oblivion: A Musical Journey To The Unexpected"