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Sustainability and the Environment in Europe: Activism & Education

In this guide you can find resources about sustainability, climate change, and environmental topics, with a focus on European policy and activism. The page "Berklee Valencia Newsletter: Sustainability Section" will be updated weekly with different topics,


Activism: peaceful resistance

Instagram accounts to follow

@extinctionrebellion - Extinction Rebellion International
@greenpeace - Greenpeace International 
@chicksforclimate - an account run by women advocating for the environment and eco-feminism 
@enestado.crudo - tips and tricks to save all types of waste
@guardian - apart from general news, the Guardian tends to more consistently and accurately report on the climate crisis than other media
@ecocidelaw - the account of Stop Ecocide, trying to make ecocide an international crime

 Individual activist accounts:

@gretathunberg                                                @fabiangrischkat                                
@_lillianono_                                                     @namakangaedwin 
@rosekobusinge                                               @graine_de_possible        
@toritsui_                                                           @venetialamanna                                  


Stop Ecocide

Writers / activists to read and follow

George Monbiot is a British journalist with a regular column in the Guardian. Among other topics about social justice, religion, and nature, he has written extensively about the climate crisis, including several critically acclaimed books. Read engaging short articles on a range on topics on his website, or check out his 30-minute videos debating key themes about climate change.     

Christiana Figueres was one of the key figures in implementing the Paris Agreement of 2015. A politician, activist, and writer, she has researched and led on key issues surrounding climate change. She co-founded the movement Global Optimism and co-hosts the accompanying podcast, Outrage and Optimism.

Antonio Turiel is a Spanish scientist, currently doing investigative work in the Institute of Marine Sciences of the CSIC in Barcelona. He has written extensively about various climate issues, but but become well known for his blog The Oil Crash, where he discussed the depletion of fossil fuel sources and the global consequences.