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Sustainability and the Environment in Europe: Valencia local resources

In this guide you can find resources about sustainability, climate change, and environmental topics, with a focus on European policy and activism. The page "Berklee Valencia Newsletter: Sustainability Section" will be updated weekly with different topics,

Recommended Reading

Instagram accounts to follow


@esxrebellion - Extinction Rebellion Spain
@greenpeace_esp - Greenpeace Spain
@futurovegetal - Spanish group campaigning for a move away from animal agriculture to globally plant-based 


@xrvalencia - Extinction Rebellion Valencia
@greenpeace_cv - Greenpeace Valencia
@amiguesdelaterra_valencia - Friends of the Earth Valencia
@joventutxclimavlc - Fridays for Future Valencia
@plataformacontrabypass - organisation protesting the expansion of a motorway in Valencia
@terretaneta - eco shop which also does activities, in Benimaclet 
@espaiverdbenicalap - green space in Benicalap organising activities


Eco Shops: Food and Household

Cultivos Alzisan is an online fruit and veg shop with organic products from Valencia. You can get a huge mixed basket for just 20€ delivered to your door!

Ecorganic & Veritas: many locations in Valencia (near student dorms)
-Have some natural hygiene and cleaning products
- Whole foods

Sensateco shop (near to student dorms) 
- Whole foods, plastic-free packaging
- Eco cleaning and hygiene products
-Vegan foods   
- Bulk buying grains without packaging 

Herbolario Navarro: chain store, many locations in Valencia
-Have some natural hygiene and cleaning products, whole foods

Biosofía: Calle Cuba 45, Russafa
-Instagram: @biosofiavalencia 
-Whole foods, local organic produce
-Eco cleaning and hygiene supplies 
-Buy in bulk / refill your own containers to avoid buying plastic!

Cocó Granel: Calle Sueca 60, Russafa
-Similar to Biosofía but a little smaller
-Bulk buy whole foods, grains/pasta/rice, etc
-Some eco cleaning products

Terreta Neta: Calle del Reverendo Rafael Tramoyeres 10 (Benimaclet)
-Zero waste shop- cleaning/hygiene/health 
-Handmade accessories and decorations 
-Also has a blog and workshops and activities in the shop space

Mercados de Valencia:

Instead of the big supermarkets, try grocery shopping at a local mercado or mercadillo. The produce is usually fresher, more local and tastier than supermarket brands, not to mention cheaper. And, unlike supermarkets, most things won’t be automatically wrapped in plastic, so remember to bring your own bags or containers!

Find a local market nearby where you live: 

Mercat Central
Plaça de la Ciutat de Bruges, s/n, 46001 València

Mercat Russafa
Pl. del Baró de Cortés, s/n, 46005 València

Mercat d'Algirós
Plaça de Sant Felip Neri, s/n, 46021 València

Mercat Municipal del Cabanyal
Carrer de Martí Grajales, 4, 46011 València

Eco Shops: Second-hand and Vintage


Micolet España: second-hand clothes online

Second hand clothes route

Vintage: Carrer de Puerto Rico 15
Vintaker: Carrer de Sueca 36
Reusado Vintage: Carrer de Dénia 12
Flamingos Vintage Kilo: Carrer de Cadis 17
52 Rojo: Carrer de Dénia 2

Reborn Vintage Colón: Plaça dels Pinazos 2
3 Cool Cats Vintage and Retro: Carrer del Músic Peydró 28
Lavespa Roja: Carrer de la Bosseria 6
La Señora Henderson: Carrer de la Tapineria 14 

Furniture and other:

Rastrell: Volta del Rossinyol 1
El Rastrillo de Arantxa: Carrer del Dr. Romagosa 3
Remar Valencia: Av. de Pérez Galdós 64
POP65VINTAGE SecondChance Valencia: Gran Via de les Germanies 41

Eco Eating: Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

-Khambu Valencia is like a vegan MacDonald’s, with all the fast food you love but without the carbon footprint. 
-Grupo Copenhagen in Valencia are three restaurants specialising in high quality vegetarian and vegan food at a reasonable price. 
-Alma Libre are known for their Brazilian açai bowls, but have an entire delicious vegan and vegetarian menu.
-Jardín Urbano is a lovely vegan cafe in Russafa.
-Mestiza is a plant-based restaurant in Cabanyal with a variety of cuisines.