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Chamber music at the Albert Alphin Library: Further Resources

Further Resources

There are so many other resources outside of the scores the Albert Alphin Library provides! Listed below are some resources to learn about more composers in chamber classical music.

Score Follower

Score Follower creates videos of contemporary music scores so you can follow along as you listen. The vast majority of scores listed on Score Follower are for chamber music and feature both well-known and up and coming composers. Many videos are free to watch on YouTube and they also have a subscription service to view more videos. Score Follower is an excellent way to listen to new and recently published music.

Solo and Ensemble Literature for Percussion


The Naxos Music Library is a streaming service of 200,000 CDs and almost 3 million tracks of classical music. Many libraries and universities subscribe to Naxos for their streaming classical music catalog. Like Spotify, NAXOS allows you to search for and listen to any classical music piece on demand. Unlike Spotify, NAXOS allows for greater searchability of composers and pieces and frequently has better quality recordings of classical music. NAXOS is a great way to listen to standard repertoire.

The Piano in Chamber Ensemble

The Boston Composers Project

Contemporary Anthology of Music by Women

Anthology of Art Songs by Black American Composers