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Chamber music at the Albert Alphin Library: Brass

Brass Chamber Music

Brass chamber music could easily be an entire guide of its own. Here, the standard brass quintet arrangement of horn, trombone, two trumpets, and tuba is showcased. This is just a sample of the pieces we have at the Albert Alphin Library.

Eugene Bozza - Sonatine

Eugene Bozza was a French composer and conductor largely known for his chamber compositions for wind instruments. Bozza's chamber compositions have been said to consist of "melodic fluency" and an "elegance of structure." His Sonatine for brass quintet was written in 1951 and is one of two brass quintets he wrote in his lifetime.

Available at M557.4 .B7 S6 2015 in the Albert Alphin Library.

Elliot Carter - Brass Quintet

Elliot Carter, as stated in the woodwind quartet section, became known as one of the most respected composers of the later half of the 20th century. His brass quintet, written in 1974, is indicative of his mature style and "imposes several layers of formal movements."

Available at M557.4 .C35 1993 in the Albert Alphin Library.

Vincent Persichetti - Parable II

Vincent Persichetti was an American composer, educator, and pianist who composed many works for many genres, most notably for piano and for wind band. His second Parable, composed in 1968, was written specifically for brass quintet. Persichetti described his Parables as "non-programmatic musical essays about a single germinal idea."

Available at M557.4 .P43 op.108 1969 in the Albert Alphin Library.

Jonathan Bailey Holland - Introit

Jonathan Bailey Holland is a faculty member and chair of the composition department at the Boston Conservatory. He has composed a number of chamber works, including one for brass quintet titled Introit. This piece was composed in 1994 and was premiered by the Philadelphia Brass Works.

Available at M557.4 .H661 I5 1994 in the Albert Alphin Library.