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Chamber music at the Albert Alphin Library: Quintets

String Quintets

String quintets are an important part of the chamber repertoire. For example, Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik could be considered one of the most notable pieces both within and outside the classical music community. Here are some quintets that can be found at the Albert Alphin Library.

Antonín Dvořák - Quintet, op. 97

Antonin Dvorak has been credited as a great Czech composer who was greatly influenced by American musical traditions. This is well-known due to his 9th Symphony, "From the New World," but he also wrote a string quintet that was influenced by American tones and music as well. This particular string quintet is notable in that it consists of two violins, two violas, and one cello, instead of the traditional grouping of two violin, one viola, one cello, and one double bass.

Available at M552 .D98 op.97 1900z in the Albert Alphin Library 

Anton Bruckner - String Quintet

Anton Bruckner was well-known for his massive symphonies and choral works. He has been especially regarded for his scoring with brass instruments. He only composed one string quartet in his lifetime, created alongside his sixth, seventh, and eighth symphonies. Although commissioned in 1878, it did not get a performance until 1885.

Available at M552 .B89 Q5 1944 in the Albert Alphin Library.

Felix Mendelssohn - String Quintets, op. 18 and 87

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy is well-regarded in classical music circles for his symphonic and dramatic works, his sacred music, and his vocal works. However, he also composed two string quintets throughout his compositional career and they are showcased in volume at the Albert Alphin Library. His op. 18 in A Major is considered to be "reminiscent of Mozart's Clarinet Quintet" and uses double canons in the minuet. His op. 87 contains a "soaring opening theme" but Mendelssohn was dissatisfied with the finale of the piece. Both quintets use the less common arrangement of two violins, two violas, and one cello.

Available at M551 .M52 2000z in the Albert Alphin Library.

Darius Milhaud - Quintette no. 1, op. 316

Darius Milhaud wrote in a variety of genres throughout his compositional career. This particular quintet was one of the four he wrote and uses the traditional string quintet arrangement of two violins, one viola, one cello, and one double bass.

Available at M552 .M64 op.316 2002 in the Albert Alphin Library.

Aleksandr Borodin - String Quintet

Aleksandr Borodin was a Russian composer best known for his second symphony. Early in his compositional career, he wrote a few chamber and salon pieces. His string quintet in F Minor reveals a "well-formed, even precocious" musical personality. The finale of this quintet was actually left unfinished until 1960, long after Borodin passed away. It was ultimately finished by the Soviet composer Orest Yevlakhov.

Available at M552 .B73 F min. 1973 in the Albert Alphin Library.