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Network perspectives on the relevance of new revenue streams in the digital era music industry: Along with the shift in the distribution of prerecorded music from retail outlets to online and satellite sources engendered by digital technology came changes in the roles of the various participants and the introduction of new participants. With displacement taking place, the authors wish to assess the relative importance of newly created revenue streams in the digital era. This study focuses on the economic implications of changes in network relationships fostered by digitized music, and consequently the method of analysis is social network analysis (SNA). This is the first study of its kind to assess the relevance of the revenue streams from a network perspective. Results show that traditional agents in the music industry (songwriters, artists, music publishers, record labels) have retained their relatively strong positions since the year 2000. However, some new agents (revenue streams) in the digital era are significantly reorganizing the network as a whole. When weighted for economic impact, digital aggregators/interactive service payments, digital performance royalties/SoundExchange, the YouTube Partner Program, as well as crowdfunding, rank in the top half of economic relationships. The study offers quantifiable validation to its findings and informs us that the “new” revenue sources have not yet achieved their full economic potential but are already well positioned to undermine the dominance of the more traditional revenue streams in the music industry.

Music labels go gaga over rising revenue stream: Spotify and Apple Music help Warner and others towards second year of expanding sales. After more than a decade of falling album sales and revenue losses to digital piracy, the world's largest record companies are now heralding a rosier future through a newer form of technological disruption: music streaming.

Revenue StreamsIs Spotify the music industry's friend or its foe?

Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt... The global music merchandising division of Universal Music Group, Bravado is the dominant player in the big and evolving business of music merch. Here, the firm's MD David Boyne lifts the lid on an increasingly lucrative revenue stream: The world of music merchandising has experienced a seismic shift in the 21st century. Where once it would have been unthinkable to find band T-shirts for sale on the high street (HMV apart), it's now par for the course, with retailers from River Island to Primark boarding the merch gravy train.


Facebook on song for growth: The world's largest record company licensed its music to Facebook in a deal that paves the way for a new revenue stream for an industry in the early stages of recovery from years of online piracy and other woes.

Micro-licensing business set to boom in next five years'; online content creators to provide big revenue stream for music, says cuesongs: The micro-licensing business could be worth over $500 million in five years' time thanks to a growing number of "ambitious young content creators" looking for music to use in online broadcasts.