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Songwriting: Arranging and Composing

Arranging and Composing

Books on songwriting in general, lyric writing, arranging and composing


1000 Songwriting Ideas by Lisa Aschmann
MT67 .A83 2008  Check Availability
Image:1000-Songwriting-Ideas.jpg From the publisher:
A great tool for all songwriters looking for creative resources. 1000 Songwriting Ideas is a handy book of creativity exercises that stop writer's block and spark the fire of your imagination. It offers concepts to ponder as starting places for lyric writing, along with some of the most provocative and inspirational examples you may encounter anywhere. Authored by a pro, these proven exercises are for moving the creative lyrical self, the soul, the real tool of songwriting and the real object of a song's intention.
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Composition for Computer Musicians by Michael Hewitt
MT67 .H49 2009  Check Availability
Image:Compositionsforcomputers.jpg From the publisher:
This friendly guide explains the basics of composing songs and music on the computer using any music using any music creation and recording program, whether you choose Reason, Live, Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Finale, Sibelius, FL Studio, SONAR, or anything else. It's not as hard as it sounds, and this book eases the learning curve so you'll be making music in no time.
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Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft by Stephen Citron
MT67 .C58 2008  Check Availability
Image:SongwritingCraft.jpg From the publisher:
Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft is both a comprehensive course for beginning and experienced songwriters and a rich source of new ideas, inspiration, and tricks of the trade for those who have already achieved professional standing. This fresh new edition not only contains all of the original volume's cogent advice on how to write the always-popular genres but has been revised to include many other of today's most recorded styles.
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101 Songwriting Wrongs and How to Right Them: How to Craft and Sell Your Songs by Pat Luboff
MT67 .L83 2007  Check Availability
Image:101songwriting.jpg From the publisher:
Perfect for beginning songwriters-- for anyone who may not understand the music industry, this book provides the perfect primer on how to be seen as a professional. In addition to instruction about the art and craft of writing a song, readers will find advice about market considerations that make their songs salable. With this book's guidance, songwriters will begin writing songs strong in emotion, clear in idea, musically beautiful, and supremely salable.
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Cash Tracks: Compose, Produce, and Sell Your Original Soundtrack Music and Jingles by Jeffrey P. Fischer
ML3790.F6 V3 2006  Check Availability
Image:Cashtrack.jpg From the publisher:
This new, updated second edition provides musicians with all the latest information they need to make jingles and score video productions. With so many changes in the industry, this is a much-needed revision to this popular guide. With major emphasis on promotion, this book covers some new technological information based on today's soundtrack composition techniques. Fisher educates readers on how to organize production resources, prepare and present demo recordings, work with clients, craft profit-producing copy, promote work, protect themselves legally, get the money they deserve and more.
The Musical Theatre Writer's Survival Guide by David Spencer
Reserve MT67.S64 M87 2005  Check Availability
Image:Musicalthearewriter.jpg From the publisher:
In "The Musical Theatre Writer's Survival Guide," award-winning musical dramatist and teacher David Spencer provides a guide-to-the-game that helps you negotiate all those aspects of the business and more. If you're taking your first steps, Spencer's counsel, anecdotes, and instructions will save you years of blindly stumbling about without results. Likewise, if you've been around the block a few times, "The Musical Theatre Writer's Survival Guide" can rescue you from the kinds of career-stalling traps, bad habits, and false assumptions that lead to dead ends.
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Lyric Writing

Essential Songwriter's Rhyming Dictionary by Kevin M. Mitchell
PE1519 .M5 1996  Check Availability
Image:Essentialssongwriting.jpg From the publisher:
Acclaimed by the New York Times as "part muse, part quick reference," this pocket-sized dictionary is an easy-to-use tool geared specifically toward the contemporary songwriter. A concise collection of the most-often used words in popular music, the simple format allows for fast reference, while the 15,000 entries provide more than ample rhyming options.
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Writing Better Lyrics: The Essential Guide to Powerful Songwriting by Pat Pattison
Reserve MT67 .P38 2009  Check Availability
Image:Writingbetterlyrics.jpg From the publisher:
Pattison presents a unique, in-depth approach to the process of lyric writing. Songwriters will examine 17 extraordinary songs and learn the distinct elements that make them so effective. Pattison then presents more than 30 lyric-writing exercises designed to achieve the same results. From generating lyric ideas and managing repetition to developing verses, it's all here.
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Songwriting: Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure by Pat Pattison
MT67 .P38 1991a  Check Availability
Image:Lyricformstructure.jpg From the publisher:
Veteran songwriter Pat Pattison has taught many of Berklee College of Music's best and brightest students how to write truly great lyrics. Her helpful guide contains essential information on lyric structures, timing and placement, and exercises to help everyone from beginners to seasoned songwriters say things more effectively and gain a better understanding of their craft.

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Rhyming Techniques and Strategies by Pat Pattison
MT67 .P35 1991b  Check Availability
Image:Rhyming_techniques.jpg From the publisher:
This book has a very specific purpose: to help you find better rhymes and use them more effectively. Rhyme is one of the most crucial areas of lyric writing, and this guide will provide you with all the technical information necessary to develop your skills completely. Make rhyme work for you and your lyric writing will greatly improve. If you have written lyrics before, even at a professional level, you can still gain greater control and understanding of your craft with the exercises and worksheets included in this book. Hone your writing technique and skill with this practical and fun approach to the art of lyric writing. Start writing better than ever before!

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Managing Lyric Structure by Pat Pattison
MT67 .P35 1991a  Check Availability
Image:Managinglyricstructure.jpg From the publisher:
Veteran songwriter Pat Pattison has taught many of Berklee College of

Music's best and brightest students how to write truly great lyrics. Her helpful guide contains essential information on lyric structures, timing and placement, and exercises to help everyone from beginners to seasoned songwriters say things more effectively and gain a better understanding of their craft.

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Popular Lyric Writing: 10 Steps to Effective Storytelling by Andrea Stolpe
Reserve MT67 .S76 2007  Check Availability
Image:Popularlyric.jpg From the publisher:
Write songs that sell! Hit-songwriter/educator Andrea Stolpe shares time-tested tools of commercial songwriting. Her ten-step process will help you to craft lyrics that communicate heart to heart with your audience. She analyzes hit lyrics from artists such as Faith Hill and John Mayer, and reveals why they are successful and how you can make your own songs successful too. Stolpe advises on how to: streamline and accelerate your writing process; use lyric structures and techniques at the heart of countless hit songs; write even when you're not inspired; more!

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Rap: The Lyrics edited by Lawrence A. Stanley
ML54.7 .R3 1992  Check Availability
Image:Rapthelyrics.jpg From the publisher:
This book contains the complete lyrics to 200 rap songs, with a history and overview of this musical form. Once dismissed as a fashionable music form, rap is a vital force in American culture itself. From music awards to McDonalds adverts, sounds of rap have permeated the media. Controversies caused by groups such as Public Enemy, sometime coarse language and lyrics of the street have caused the public at large to scrutinize popular music in an attempt to control it. The lyrics run from the socially aware to the hedonistic and selfish. While the Beastie Boys sing crudely about sex, drugs, music, and defy anyone to stop them, de la Soul, whose album sold 1.5 million copies, rap against drugs, oppression and for a sense of individuality.
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Melody Writing

The Songwriter's Workshop: Melody by Jimmy Kachulis
MT67.K3 S68 2003  Check Availability
Image:Songwritersworkshopmelody.jpg From the publisher:
This hands-on guide provides lessons on how to write innovative songs, based on popular songwriting courses at Berklee College of Music. Whether you're a beginning songwriter who can't read a note of music, or an experienced professional looking for new ideas, this book will provide new insight into your craft; it teaches the fundamental techniques behind today's hit songs, together with easy-to-follow exercises so you can immediately apply these tools to your own art.
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Melody in Songwriting: Tools and Techniques for Writing Hit Songs by Jack Perricone
MT67.P47 M4 2000  Check Availability
Image:Melody_in_songwriting.jpg From the publisher:
Melody is a subject too often neglected in the teaching of music. This unique resource gives melody that attention it deserves, and proves that melody writing is a skill that can be learned. Through proven tool and techniques, you will learn to write interesting melodies, how melodic rhythm influences rhyme, what makes harmony progress, and the many dynamic relationships between melody and harmony.
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Melody: How to Write Great Tunes by Rikky Rooksby
MT47 .R67 M45 2004  Check Availability
Image:Melody_great_tunes.jpg From the publisher:
Discusses how tunes can be composed; how to combine rhythm, intervals, scales, and harmony; and melody-writing techniques.
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The Anatomy of Melody: Exploring the Single Line of Song by Alice Parker
MT47 .P38 A54 2006  Check Availability
Image:Anatomy_of_melody.jpg From the publisher:
Drawn from the world’s most beloved songs, the more than 70 examples in this book explore the history and crucial elements of melody, which is the very basis of song. Focusing solely on how simple musical lines combined with the right texts can make a catchy melodic phrase that lasts throughout the ages—without consideration of harmony, counterpoint or other constructs—this unique guide allows readers a new insight into the composition of songs.
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Arranging Songs: How to Put the Parts Together by Rikky Rooksby
MT67 .R67 A77 2007  Check Availability
Image:Arrangingsongs.jpg From the publisher:
This book is an essential manual of techniques for recording a song. It explores arranging essentials such as grouping instruments effectively, using multi-track recording, artfully layering parts, achieving a good mix, and creating unusual arrangements using common techniques. The accompanying CD illustrates all of the techniques presented in the book. Guitar chord boxes are included for the CD tracks where appropriate.
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Reharmonization Techniques by Randy Felts
MT70.F45 R4  Check Availability
Image:Reharmonization_Techniques.jpg From the publisher:
When you reharmonize a tune, you give the melody new color by changing its underlying harmonies. Whether you direct a band or choir, play piano or guitar, or write film scores, you will find simple and innovative techniques to update songs and develop exciting new arrangements by studying the hundreds of copyrighted examples throughout this book.
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Arranging in the Digital World: Techniques for Arranging Popular Music Using Today's Electronic and Digital Instruments by Corey Allen
MT723.A45 A7  Check Availability
Image:Arranging_digital_world.jpg From the publisher:
This is the resource for creating truly inspired arrangements! Full of tips and tricks covering techniques for building digital arrangements in a variety of styles, including country, gospel, pop, jazz, rock, Latin and more. Teaches basic MIDI, sequencing, production concepts, and arranging techniques for a variety of digital instrument sounds. Make your MIDI sequences and grooves come alive
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Arranging Music for the Real World: Classical and Commercial Aspects by Vince Corozine
MT70.C7 A7  Check Availability
Image:Arranging_music_real_world.jpg From the publisher:
This book is written from a composer's point of view and is intended to be a reference book for the analysis of arranging techniques. Its aim is to help composers and arrangers improve their compositional skills as well as their understanding of various musical styles. Through a study and analysis of the scores and styles of the master composers, the author gives a broad view of the music of both the past and of the present.
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