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Songwriting: Song Production and Recording Techniques

Song Production and Recording Techniques

Books about song production and recording techniques for songwriting

Get Media Airplay: A Guide to Getting Song Exposure, Music/Product Tie-ins, and Radio-play Spins by Rick Davis
ML3790 .D337 2006  Check Availability
Image:Get-media-airplay.jpg From the publisher:
Get Media Airplay is one media master's perspective on learning how to expose demos using creative media resources. You've got your CDs manufactured, but what's next? How do you get your songs on the radio, video channels, or playing at events? Get Media Airplay explores all aspects of selling talent by taking action structuring innovative audience awareness in the media industries.
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Inside Classic Rock Tracks: Songwriting and Recording Secrets of 100 Great Songs from 1960 to the Present Day by Rikky Rooksby
MT146 .R66 2001  Check Availability
Image:Inside-classic-rock.jpg From the publisher:
Presenting a remarkable selection of songs ranging from vintage rock 'n' roll to today's electronic dance music, this book analyzes in fine detail the writing and recording techniques behind 100 selected singles and album cuts to see exactly what makes a great track great.
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Make Music Now! edited by Mitch Gallagher
MT723 .G35 2002  Check Availability
Image:Make-music-now.jpg From the publisher:
Make Music Now! is an easy-to-read, non-technical, fun introduction to putting together and using a home studio. In addition to describing important concepts and gear-related topics, this book offers how-to tips and tricks, cost-effective technological guidance, and creative inspiration for using computers to make and distribute original music.
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Hal Leonard Recording Method: Microphones & mixers. by Bill Gibson
TK7881.4 .G531 2007 v. 1  Check Availability
Image:Hal-Leonard-mic-and-mixers.jpg From the publisher:
Topics include how professional microphones work, which to choose and why (plus accepted techniques for using them), understanding the signal path from mics to mixers and how to operate these critical tools to capture excellent recordings, and explanations of the most up-to-date tools and techniques involved in using dynamics and effects processors. From initial considerations to mix-down, mastering, and replication, this method provides important considerations and techniques you need to know.
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Writer. Producer. Engineer: A Handbook for Creating Contemporary Commercial Music by Michael Farquharson
ML3790 .F368 2006  Check Availability
Image:Writer-producer-engineer.jpg From the publisher:
This book will help you master the three roles of the new job: writer, producer, and engineer. You will learn to set up a profitable business model for creating commercial music, providing your clients with music that fits their needs and budget, at today's quality standards. Whether your interest is in producing music for jingles, film scores, videogames, corporate presentations, or other commercial areas, this book will reveal how to set up shop, find work, and create music at today's demanding professional standards.
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Producing Hit Records: Secrets from the Studio by David John Farinella
ML3790 .F365 2006  Check Availability
Image:Producing-hit-records.jpg From the publisher:
Producing Hit Records takes a behind the scenes look with today's top record producers at what it takes to sit in the big chair. Producers talk about how they got into the field, how they continue to get work, how they motivate artists to come up with that great take and what it's like to work in an industry that's constantly changing.
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