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Percussion: World Music Listening Examples

World Music Listening Examples

Listening examples for percussion from world music 



Top Percussion by Tito Puente
CD 18762  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_top_percussion.jpg‎ From
"...timbalero Tito Puente's 1957 Top Percussion is the most influential Latin jazz recording of all time. Simply put, this date is a once-in-a-lifetime summit meeting of Cuban and Puerto Rican master percussionists of Afro-Cuban music: Mongo Santamaria, Franciso Aguabella, Willie Bobo, and Julito Collazo. Together, these masters explore the endless folkloric inventions and dimensions of Cuba's complex drum music-- from the Afrocentric bembe/Santeria syncopations of 'Eleguara' and 'Obatala Yeza' to the clave-coded 'Mon Ti,' 'Four by Two,' and 'Conga Alegre.'..." - Eugene Holley Jr.
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Ravi Shankar in San Francisco drum performance by Alla Rakha
CD 11143  Check Availability
Image:Ravi_Shankar_in_San_Francisco.jpg‎ From
"...Live in San Francisco contains three extended pieces and is perhaps his best World Pacific album. Accompanied by Alla Rakha on tabla, Shankar shows his rhythmic grace and sheer stamina on these performances, to a live audience's delight. Recorded at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium at a time (about 1967) when consciousness in Indian music was growing at an incredible rate, Live in San Francisco is an awesome performance and an amazing historical document as well." - Matthew Greenwald


Trichy Sankaran and Jamal Mohamed directed by the Percussion Department
CD 19151  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-CD.jpg From the catalog:
"First segment performed by Mark Walker, drums; Alex Alvear, bass; Rebecca Cline, piano; Teresa Ines, voice, guitar. Second segment performed by Jamal Mohamed, percussion; Winnie Dahlgren, vibes; Lionel Loueke, guitar. Third segment performed by Trichy Sankaran, solo percussion. Recorded Tuesday, June 26, 2001 at the Berklee Performance Center, Berklee College of Music, Boston."
Percussions Brésiliennes par Ney De Castro
CD 7147  Check Availability
Image:Percussions_Brésiliennes.jpg‎ From the catalog:
"Batucada -- Maracatu -- Chasse en Amazonie -- Le chagrin de l'indien -- Parapapa -- Palacio da Alvorada -- Cathedral de Brasília."


Rhythmcolor Exotica by Glen Velez
CD 9529  Check Availability
Image:Rhythmcolor_Exotica.jpg‎ From
"Glen Velez' experimental percussion exotica and Ellipsis' book packaging makes for a singular and peerless release. This drummer pays homage to the ancient frame drum... Here he has a quintet, the Handance Ensemble. The group is mostly percussionists, however one member is on violin. Examples of the frame drum are employed from South India, the Middle East, Central Asia, Brazil, Italy and more. Not simply guiding us through time with the history and sounds of the frame drum, Velez gives us ample experimentation to ponder with exotic, odd-numbered timings." - Tom Schulte
The Igede of Nigeria: Drumming, Chanting and Exotic Percussion field recordings by Robert Nicholls
CD 7775  Check Availability
Image:Igede_of_Nigeria.jpg‎ From the catalog:
"Traditional music, including funeral songs, social dance music, and Igede/Christian hymns."


Horatio Hernandez Live at the Modern Drummer Festival: Featuring Marc Quiñones with Michael Brecker, John Patitucci & Hilario Duran 
DVD 1668  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_horatio_hernandez.jpg‎ From
"Horacio Hernandez is one of the most exciting drummers to come along in recent years. His musical home base is founded on the rhythms of his native Cuba, though he is comfortable in all styles."
The JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance by various contributors
DVD 2261-2290  Check Availability
Image:JVC_Video_Anthology.jpg‎ From Multicultural Media:
"Produced by JVC in collaboration with a Smithsonian/Folkways Recordings editorial board of scholars and Multicultural Media, The JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance is a thirty (30) videotape, nine book collection containing over 500 performances from 100 countries."


Pasos Gigantes - Pequeño Johnny percussion performance by Johnny Rivero
DVD 3131  Check Availability
Image:Pasos_Gigantes_Pequeño_Johnny.jpg‎ From the catalog:
"Pequeño Johnny, tumbadoras, yudu drum, chekere, siren horn, whistle, tamborim, bombo, bongo, cowbell, bata drums, cajon, clave, guiro, guicharo; featuring Manny Mieles and Pedro Martinez, cantantes; guest artists: Papo Lucca, piano (track 6); Giovanni Hidalgo, quinto, cajon (track 7); Alfredo De La Fe, violin (track 6, 10); Nelson Gonzalez, tres (tracks 7, 10); Eric Figueroa, accordion (track 9); Ray Castro, coros; with assisting musicians."
The Complete Monterey Pop Festival percussion performance by Alla Rakha (with Ravi Shankar)
DVD 707 Disc 1  Check Availability
Image:Complete_Monterey_Pop_Festival_DVD.jpg‎ From
"[These] two discs are also loaded with bonus features, including audio commentary by Pennebaker, festival producer Lou Adler (on Monterey Pop), and author Peter Guralnick (Shake!); audio-only remarks by some of the performers; photos; trailers; and other material.... But it's the third disc, 'The Outtake Performances,' comprising some two hours of music that didn't make the final film edit, that will be of most interest to many viewers. The disc supplies a taste of some of the artists who didn't appear in Monterey Pop at all (the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Quicksilver Messenger Service), and a more complete look at some who did (the Who, Simon and Garfunkel, the Mamas and the Papas)..." - Sam Graham