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Percussion: Transcriptions and Performance Prep.

Transcriptions and Performance Prep.

Listening examples for percussion from different genres




Selected books from the library's collection
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101 Drum Tips: Stuff All the Pros Know and Use by Scott Schroedl
MT662.S36 A111  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_101_Drum_Tips.jpg‎ From
"Ready to take your playing to the next level? This book presents valuable how-to insight that drummers of all styles and levels can benefit from. The text, photos, music, diagrams, and accompanying CD provide a terrific, easy-to-use resource for a variety of topics, including: grooves * practicing * warming up * tuning * gear * performance * and much more!"
Buddy Rich, Jazz Legend 1917-1987: Transcriptions and Analysis of the World's Greatest Drummer, Transcriptions by Howard Fields
MT662.8 .R523 1997  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_Buddy_Rich_Jazz_Legend.jpg‎ From
"In addition to being a collection of transcriptions of the Buddy Rich solos featured on the Buddy Rich Jazz Legend videos...this publication concentrates on the specifics of 'The World's Greatest Drummer's' playing. The techniques covered include left-handed/bass drum coordination, drumset crossovers, cymbal patterns, left-hand/right-hand singles, left-hand time patterns, hi-hat work, blisteringly fast alternating single strokes, and various nuances that made Buddy so special. Together with the videos, or by itself, this book is a must for any drummer's library."
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Drum Standards: Transcriptions of 10 Classic Jazz Performances, Music Transcriptions by Joe La Barbera
MP146 .D787 2001  Check Availability
Image:No cover image available-SCORES.jpg From
"Essential for all drummers, this collection includes transcriptions of fantastic standards performed by legendary jazz drummers... In addition to the solos and drum breaks, this book includes transcriptions of their playing on the 'heads' of the tunes, providing insight into their mastery of form and structure. Includes notes on each song, as well as info about the recordings."
Groove Essentials: The Play-Along: The Groove Encyclopedia for the 21st-Century Drummer by Tommy Igoe
MT662.8.I46 G7  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_groove_essentials.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Represents a new-generation play-along package and a quantum leap over anything else previously available in this vein with over 6 hours of music, including 47 grooves and feels from all over the world-most in two tempos-88 tracks in all, truly professional sketch charts and incisive text by Tommy."
Latin Soloing for Drumset by Phil Maturano
MT662.8.M38 L3 2000  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_latin_soloing_for_drumset.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Discover the secret phrasing of African-descent rhythms in this one-on-one lesson! MI instructor Phil Maturano teaches Relayed Time Shifting (RTS), a unique system of shifting between cut time and 6/8, and covers complex and stylistically challenging rhythms such as mambo, cha cha, samba, bossa nova, soca and cumbia."
The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green with W. Timothy Gallwey
ML 3820 .G74 1986  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_the_inner_game_of_music.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"By the best-selling co-author of Inner Tennis, here's a book designed to help musicians overcome obstacles, help improve concentration, and reduce nervousness, allowing them to reach new levels of performing excellence and musical artistry."
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Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician Within by Kenny Werner
ML3830 .W476 1996 (Bk & CD)  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_effortless_mastery.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"This is a book for any musician who finds themselves having reached a plateau in their development. Werner...uses his own life story and experiences to explore the barriers to creativity and mastery of music, and in the process reveals that 'Mastery is available to everyone...'" Also check out learning LVD 350: Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician Within by Kenny Werner


JoAnne Brackeen: Preparing for Your Concert produced and directed by Craig Reed
LVD 251  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_joanne_brackeen_preparing_for_your_concert.jpg‎ From
"In this Master Class, [Brackeen] takes you through the routines that have helped her get ready for decades worth of high-profile shows, and demonstrates exercises to get you physically and mentally primed. No matter what instrument you play, Brackeen will show you how to get loose, focused and ready for anything, so you can hit the stage with more confidence and energy. 48 minutes."
Hands On Drumming Universal Keys to Hand Drumming Session 1 by Paulo Mattioli
LVD 327-330  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_hands_on_drumming.jpg‎ From the publisher:
With this series of DVDs, anyone can learn to play hand drums without learning to read music.