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Music Therapy: Databases and Major Journals

Resources for Music Therapy Students


The best databases to start your research are MEDLINE, PsycINFO and the Cochrane Collection. Each has their own focus, as described below, but will often carry the majority of health science articles relating to music therapy. 


Tip: These databases are all hosted by EBSCO. From the main page on any database, you can select "Choose Databases" from above the search bar and you can search multiple EBSCO databases, including all three at once.


In addition to those three, there are other helpful health science and music databases that may provide different collections of articles, so they may be worth searching individually as well.


You may also choose to broaden your search beyond the main library databases. These resources may not always provide links to full text versions of the articles, but you find an article, try searching the titles in Augmented Search to see if Berklee offers access or reach out to a librarian.


Here is a list of some of the major journal related to music therapy research, including where you can find full text access through our databases. If you need to find a specific journal not listed here, use our Publication Finder 


The Berklee Library maintains their own database of open access articles and papers through our Research Media and Information Exchange (REMIX). This database includes two collections related to the field of Music Therapy:


The Berklee Music and Health Institute Research Collection contains scientific papers from 2000 to the present on topics related to music and health. Sub-collections include the topics of music and pain, music and mental health, and music and substance use/abuse.


The ABLE Arts Resource Center contains literature related to music education for student with special needs. Although the research is primarily focused on education, there is certainly overlap in the literature with music therapy.