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Woodwind: Style and Techniques

Style and Techniques

Books and videos on style and technique for woodwind


Books & Videos


Selected books and videos from the library's collection
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100 Ultimate Jazz Riffs for Flute by Andrew D. Gordon
MT345 .G66 2002  Check Availability
Image:Woodwind_100_Ultimate_Jazz_Riffs.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"100 Ultimate Jazz Riffs for Flute ... consists of, as the title suggests, 100 Jazz riffs based on common chord progressions used in jazz such as the II-V-I, III-VI-II-V etc. in both major and minor keys. There are five separate sections: Jazz Swing, Jazz Ballad, Jazz Funk, Jazz Waltz and Latin Jazz. Each musical example has a single note improvised melody line with the chord progression."
Yusef Lateef's Flute Book of the Blues 
MT345 .L36 v.1-2  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-BOOKS.jpg From the catalog:
Studies and exercises in the blues for flute.
Artie Shaw's Jazz Technic 
MT385 .S4 1995 v.1-2  Check Availability
Image:Woodwind_Artie_Shaw.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"The exercises in this book are designed to help students learn the scales, articulations, technic, and style necessary to play in the jazz idiom, particularly in the Big Band or swing styles."
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Benny Goodman's Clarinet Method compiled and edited by Charlie Hathaway
MT382 .G6 1989  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-BOOKS.jpg From the publisher:
"This book, written by Benny Goodman himself, has been out of print for many years. It teaches the beginning student clarinet tone, style, technique and musicianship. It covers such basics as assembling and tuning the clarinet, proper position, scales, expression and many exercises."
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Berklee Practice Method: Tenor Sax and Soprano Sax: Get Your Band Together by Jim Ogdren, Bill Pierce, and the Berklee faculty
MT502.O35 T4 2001  Check Availability
Image:Woodwind_Berklee_Practice_Method.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Discover how to play in a rock band with this Berklee Practice Method book/CD pack! Lessons throughout the book guide you through technique that is specific to playing the saxophone in a contemporary ensemble. You'll learn: melody and improvisation, phrasing, articulations, breathing, chords, scales, theory, comping, reading, interpreting lead sheets, and much more."
Improvisation for Saxophone: the Scale/Mode Approach by Andy McGhee
MT508 .M344 1974  Check Availability
Image:Woodwind_Improvisation_for_Saxophone.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Expand the creative breadth of your soloing! The step-by-step exercises and explanations in this tried-and-true resource will help you develop your ear and improve your technique. You'll learn the intimate relationships between modes and chords, practicing licks and solos that grow out of their underlying harmonies and sound natural."
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John LaPorta clinic 
DVD 3221  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-DVD.jpg From the catalog:
Recorded July 26, 1988 at Berklee College of Music.
The Complete Guide to Saxophone Sound Production by David Liebman
LVD 414-415  Check Availability
Image:Woodwind_Complete_Guide_Saxophone_Sound_Production.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Saxophonist David Liebman discusses principles of sound production for all styles of saxophone playing. Topics include breathing, the larynx, overtone exercises, articulation, expressive techniques, reeds, and mouthpieces."
Oboe Art and Method by Martin Schuring
MT360 .S38 2009  Check Availability
Image:Oboe_art_method.jpg‎ From
"The oboe is a notoriously complicated instrument, and this book aims to remove as much of the complexity as possible, to present techniques that work, and to discuss these in a clear-cut manner. Students who start with this book will learn with confidence that these methods will steer them straight down an effective path."
The Art of Bassoon Playing by William Spencer
MT400.S74 1958  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-BOOKS.jpg From the book's introduction:
"The purpose of this book is to...[furnish] a guide for the selection of suitable methods, books and solo material for contest, recitals, and study, with suggestions and aids to assist the student to adequately perform the literature available."