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Guitar: Performance Literature

Performance Literature

Books, magazines and journals on the history and development of guitar 


Selected scores from the library's collection
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Parkening and the Guitar: Music of Two Centuries, Popular New Transcriptions for Guitar by Christopher Parkening
M125 .P367 1977  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Parkening_and_the_Guitar.jpg‎ Staff summary:
These two volumes contain guitar transcriptions of the following songs: Volume 1: "Afro-Cuban Lullaby," "Empress of the Pagodes," "Menuet," "Minuet in D," "Passacaille," "Pastourelle," "Pavane for a Dead Princess," "Pavane for a Sleeping Beauty," "Preambulo," "Sarabande;" Volume 2: "Clair de Lune," "Giga," "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair," "Gymnopedie No. I," "Gymnopedie No. II," "Gymnopedie No. III," "The Little Shepherd," "The Mysterious Barricades," "Sarabande."
12 Songs for Guitar: Transcriptions for Guitar by Toru Takemitsu
M128.T254 T84 1996  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_12_Songs_for_Guitar.jpg‎ From
"Twelve classic pop-melodies arranged for guitar by the great Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu....These arrangements will require some work to master, and are definitely intended for the experienced player. However, once mastered you will forever have a dozen performance quality pieces added to your repertoire."
Bandó by Astor Piazzolla
M129.P53 B3  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Bandó.jpg‎ From the book's inside cover:
"Generally speaking, the tango was neither conceived nor thought of by [its] composers as music for guitar solo...Thus, in order to play a tango as a guitar solo, it is necessary to 'arrange' it, yet without in any way misrepresenting the original values created by [its] author. The process of [transferring] the music to the intimate dimension of the guitar's six strings inevitably calls for alterations to the original score, again always respecting the composer and his message. This to incorporate the music to the guitar, not as a distortion, but rather as though it had been born naturally in the instrument itself." - Agustin Carlevaro (arranger)
Bossa Guitarra: 6 Solos for Guitar by Laurindo Almeida
M126 .A454 B6  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-SCORES.jpg From the Foreword to the book:
"Laurindo Almeida recorded an album with Bud Shank and rhythm section for Pacific Jazz Records in 1953, that was hailed as a mating of Jazz and Samba. Ten years later this style was named Bossa Nova, when the musicians in Laurindo's native Brazil followed his innovation in combining the two rhythms and techniques....These six solos...[Autumn in Rio, Assucarado, Poema, Choro Melancholico, Sump'n for Bossa Lovers, Valse Avec Swing] are arranged for solo guitar, with a lead line and chord symbols, plus a rhythm pattern for drum accompaniment..."
Spanish Airs and Dances: For the Guitar by Gaspar Sanz
M128.S266 B6 1977  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-SCORES.jpg From
"Three lively and rhythmic fast dances and two exceptionally beautiful slow airs make up this suite. The music has earned many admirers again in this century from its use by Rodrigo in his much played and often recorded Fantasia para un Gentilhombre for guitar and orchestra."
Back to Bach for Classical Guitar by Johann Sebastian Bach
M128.B23 S5 1976  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-SCORES.jpg Staff summary:
Transcriptions of 16 of Bach's works for guitar, by Jerry Snyder.
Bartok for Classical Guitar by Béla Bartók
M128.B26 S5 1977  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-SCORES.jpg Staff summary:
Transcriptions of 17 of Bartók's works for guitar, by Jerry Snyder.
Beethoven for Classical Guitar by Ludwig van Beethoven
M128.B4 S5 1975  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-SCORES.jpg Staff summary:
Transcriptions of 13 of Beethoven's works for guitar, by Jerry Snyder.