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Guitar: History and Development

History and Development

Books, magazines and journals on the history and development of guitar




Selected books from the library's collection
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Roots, Rock, Reggae : an Oral History of Reggae Music from Ska to Dancehall by Chuck Foster
ML3532 .F67 1999  Check Availability
Image:Roots,_rock,_reggae.jpg From the publisher:
Through exclusive interviews with past and present reggae stars, this book provides insights into the talent that shaped Western music over the past quarter-century.
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Bluegrass: From the Lonesome Wail of a Mountain Love Song to the Hammering Drive of the Scuggs-style Banjo, the Story of an American Musical Tradition by Bob Artis
ML3561.B62 A7  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-BOOKS.jpg From the book jacket:
"Bob Artis tells the fascinating story of bluegrass music, from its roots in the traditional ballads and folk dances of Europe to its development in the central and not-so-central homes of America. The story of homemade music is traced through the careers of those who lived it and loved it....Appendixes include a discography of the major bluegrass artists and directories of bluegrass radio stations, organizations and publications."
Blues Guitar: The Men Who Made the Music: From the Pages of Guitar Player Magazine edited by Jas Obrecht
ML399. B58 1990  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Blues_Guitar.jpg‎ From Library Journal:
"This volume is a revised and updated collection of interviews, articles, and rare photos culled from the pages of Guitar Player magazine. The book's two sections, 'Acoustic Roots' and 'Prime Movers,' trace guitar artistry from the acoustic blues of the 1920s through the electric blues of today. Legendary guitarists discuss their musical lives as well as their playing techniques, equipment, and recording histories."
The Guitar, From the Renaissance to the Present Day by Harvey Turnbull
ML1015.G9 T9 1974b  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-BOOKS.jpg From the book jacket:
"The author pieces together, drawing extensively on contemporary written and pictorial sources, the intricate development of the guitar's structure, the various playing techniques favoured through the centuries, the music created for the instrument and its changing role in musical life throughout western Europe since the Renaissance."
Classic Guitars of the 60s: How the Electric Guitar and Its Players Dominated a Revolutionary Decade of Mind-Blowing Music edited by Tony Bacon
ML1015.G9 C54 1997  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-BOOKS.jpg From the book jacket:
"Lavish, specially-commissioned photographs and informative essays chart all the musical developments from surf to Hendrix and folk rock to psychedelia, country, jazz and blues, as well as an exclusive section on The Beatles and their guitars. [This book] tells the full and fascinating story of the decade's radical guitar music, still heard echoing through the sounds of today."
The Jazz Guitar: Its Evolution and Its Players by Maurice J. Summerfield
Reference ML399 .S9 1978  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Jazz_Guitar.jpg‎ From
"An absolute must for jazz lovers and guitarists alike, this is the first book ever to be written which covers, in a definitive way, the guitar's role in jazz....The main part of the book is devoted to over 250 detailed biographies of the major jazz guitarists since 1895. The collection of photographs of jazz guitarists is the finest and most complete put together under one cover. In addition, it includes a chapter listing every important jazz guitar recording ever made, and a final section, 'Sources Of Supply' that ensures that nearly every record, book and piece of music listed can be obtained by the reader."
Secrets From the Masters: Conversations With Forty Great Guitar Players edited by Don Menn
ML399 .S43 1992  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Secrets_From_the_Masters.jpg‎ From
"Interviews with 50 of the world's greatest guitarists spanning the past 25 years and collected into one information-packed volume. Based on articles originally published in Guitar Player, Secrets From The Masters features the most influential guitarists of our time - from legends such as Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins and B.B. King to Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen and Eric Clapton, and all genres in-between. This book celebrates the guitarists who have forever altered the way we play and think about the guitar."
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Rock Guitarists: From the Pages of Guitar Player Magazine 
ML399 .R63 1975  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-BOOKS.jpg Staff summary:
These two volumes have been compiled from articles, interviews, and photos previously published in Guitar Player magazine.

Magazines and Journals

Selected magazines and journals from the library's collection
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Acoustic Guitar 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Acoustic_Guitar.jpg‎ From
"Written by and for musicians. Covers a variety of musical styles and includes transcriptions from recordings and solo pieces for guitar."
Classical Guitar 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Classical_Guitar.jpg‎ From
"Full of information for the player, the teacher, the student and the listener. Contains quality writing and photographs. Features interviews; international news; coverage of worldwide guitar events; reviews; guitar history and more."
Fingerstyle Guitar 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Fingerstyle_Guitar.jpg‎ Staff summary:
Fingerstyle Guitar contains interviews and articles about fingerstyle guitar players as well as gear reviews and Master Workshops, which include transcriptions and a companion CD for your own practice.
Guitar For the Practicing Musician 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Guitar_for_the_Practicing_Musican.jpg‎ Staff summary:
As the title implies, this magazine is for active guitar players. Each issue features the news of the guitar world, gear reviews, profiles of guitar players, and several pages of transcriptions.
Guitar Player 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Guitar_Player.jpg‎ From
"GUITAR PLAYER is a magazine for serious guitarists who want to make the most out of their playing and keep informed on developments in equipment and instruments. Editorial emphasizes stylistic diversity in coverage of music and leading and up and coming guitarists. Features include instructional columns, how-to advice, honest equipment reviews, recording, song writing, record reviews and career information."
Guitar World 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Guitar_World.jpg‎ From
"The #1 Guitar magazine in the world. Every issue provides subscribers with the truth about the latest gear and albums on the market, and offers broad-ranging interviews that cover technique, instruments and lifestyles. "
Just Jazz Guitar 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Just_Jazz_Guitar.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Issues include: Professionally written arrangements you can play - most with tab, standard notation & chord grids; How-to workshops and Informative columns; Interviews with current jazz greats and guitar legends in our Where Are They Now? column; Interviews with guitar builders worldwide; CD, Book and Video reviews; Meet new guitar players from around the world in our Local Talent column; Guitar maintenance with Bob Benedetto Classic archtop photos and jazz recordings; 7 string features and music."
Vintage Guitar Magazine 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Guitar_Vintage_Guitar_Magazine.jpg‎ From
"In-depth interviews with real guitar heroes of the past and present; Full-color features that highlight classic gear in fantastic detail; Answers to tough guitar questions from George Gruhn's "Q&A" column; The popular "Reader's Gallery," showcasing readers' instruments; Tone, repair, and maintenance secrets from guitar and amp experts; Columns and features on all types of acoustics, electrics, amplifiers, basses, and effects; Help selecting the best new guitar-oriented CDs, videos, DVDs, and books; Up-to-date values on vintage and used gear; New product news, book and video reviews, and a list of guitar shows from around the world!"