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This guide will help student discover images of art, architecture, and photography online.

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How to Find Images in Books:

You can search in online catalogs for terms associated with images in books.

For example, use the terms "portrait" (often port for portrait in book catalogs)

Other examples: use "ill" for  "illustrations" or "col" (for color)

Older books may use terms like "plate"

You can also look in the Table of Contents at the front of a book for "List of Illustrations"


For searching in ebooks or journal databases such as JSTOR, use terms like "image"

The problem with Google images:

1) images may not be available for use and can be in copyright

2) images are very often NOT labeled correctly. For example, if you search for a person, many images associated, but not that person can appear.

3) Can use google images to find a wikipedia image, which has usually been vetted.

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