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Jazz in Boston: A History

Dean Earl and band performing at the Hi-Hat

The city of Boston has always had a vibrant jazz scene, not only within the halls of Berklee. This guide is an introduction to some of the people and places that helped define the local scene and make an impact on the genre.

The guide features a map of the jazz venues that have come and gone in the city and a timeline of jazz musicians, some who called Boston home and others that found their voice in the clubs and institutions in the city.  


Additional Resources

HomeFor more information about Berklee's role in the history of Jazz in Boston, check out the Berklee Archives. There you will find dedicated collections to faculty involved in the scene, photos of jazz events that took place on campus, and a large collection of oral history interviews, with major players on the local scene, including Herb Pomeroy, Charlie Mariano, Roy Haynes, and Dean Earl.