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Culminating Experience Resource Guide: Resources for Program Directors and Advisors

Information for Berklee graduate students and faculty on preparing and submitting Culminating Experience projects to the Berklee Archives. Also includes additional academic writing and research resources from the Library.

Instructions for Reviewing Submissions

Preparing to Review Submissions

1. Ensure you have an account with Submittable. Check your inbox for an invitation to join the Berklee Submittable team, accept the invitation, and create a login. Contact or if you need help creating or accessing your account. 

2. Review the requirements for file formats and naming structures, available here.


Reviewing Submissions in Submittable 
*Advisors, please consult full instructions in the document above*

1. Open a submission by clicking on the title from the list (advisors/reviewers will see only those submissions assigned to them)

2. Confirm all form fields are filled out correctly

3. Confirm all expected project files have been uploaded

4. Check that files match archival requirements 

5. Tick the approval box in the review pane if submissions meets all requirements

6. If student has NOT met requirements, email the program director,, and immediately

Reviewer FAQ

Q: When will my advisee's submissions be available for review?

A: Submissions will be available within 24 hours of the submission deadline. Please keep in mind that assignment of individual submissions to respective advisors is a manual process, and that the archives will be managing roughly 200 submissions.


Q: I'm not seeing all expected submissions. What should I do?

A: If you're viewing submissions within one day after the submission deadline, wait a few hours--it is likely their submissions have not yet been assigned to you. If you're viewing submissions more than one day after the deadline, email the student to confirm their submission status.


Q: What should I do if a student didn't follow requirements, or is missing expected files?

A: Notify the program director, Graduate Studies, and Berklee Archives immediately.


Q: I have a question not answered here. Whom should I contact?

A: Start by reviewing other pages on this LibGuide or the Graduate Studies Culminating Experience webpage. If your question is not addressed there, use the contacts in the "Need Help" section at the top-right of this page.

Need Help?

Academic Affairs
Rob Lagueux, Associate Vice President 
Simone Pilon, Dean of Academic Affairs, Valencia

Contact Academic Affairs administration regarding special submission circumstances (extensions, etc) 



Graduate Studies
Mary McClory, Assistant Director 
Jennifer Caraluzzi, Program Manager

Contact Graduate Studies for general policy and procedure questions. Faculty should inform Graduate Studies immediately of any late or unreceived submissions


Berklee Archives
Ashley Gray, Processing Archivist
Jenée Force, Associate Director

Contact Berklee Archives for assistance with Submittable (how to create an account, how to locate or review submissions, view/download errors), and regarding projects with special needs and unusual formats


Valencia Library
Tsun-Ju Lin, Manager of Academic Research and Learning Resources

Valencia faculty should contact the Library for training and technical support options and to inform about any projects with special needs and unusual formats.