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Culminating Experience Resource Guide: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Information for Berklee graduate students and faculty on preparing and submitting Culminating Experience projects to the Berklee Archives. Also includes additional academic writing and research resources from the Library.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the required uploads for submission to the Archives?

A: You must submit:

  1. Reflection Paper as a PDF
  2. Your final approved project files (no drafts, proposals, committee forms, or working files) in the required formats
  3. PDF of your signed distribution agreement form (completed in HelloSign)


Q: Do you collect my defense video or my defense presentation slides?

A: We will collect your journey video, defense video, or defense presentation slides, but will not preserve them as part of your Culminating Experience project.

Q: Where is the link to the distribution agreement form?


Q: Why are the questions in the distribution agreement form completed in HelloSign, rather than in Submittable?

A: HelloSign is legally-binding, Submittable is not.



Q: Can someone help me convert my files into archives-approved formats?

A: Valencia students can seek formatting assistance through the Academic Information Technology Office. Boston campus and Berklee online students can set up a Peer Training session through the Library.


Q: Can I use uppercase letters in my file names?

A: Yes


Q: Can I use underscores or spaces in my file names?

A: You must use hyphens or single dashes ( - ) to separate all the required elements, and you may use either a hyphen or an underscore ( _ ) in the optional descriptive suffix if it is more than one word. You may NOT have spaces in your file names.


Q: Can I include commas or apostrophes in my file names, such as in song titles?

A: No. Please remove all additional punctuation. For a song titled, "Won't Go Home Without You," that part of the file name should be structured EITHER as one word OR separated by hyphens/dashes, e.g. wontgohomewithoutyou OR wont-go-home-without-you.


Q: Should the extension be lowercase or uppercase?

A: Either is fine. .PDF or .pdf, .WAV or .wav, etc. are all acceptable.


Q: I made a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation as part of my final work (separate from the defense presentation). How should I submit that?

A: Please save the slide deck as a PDF.


Q: If I have more than 15 files and they are all allowed formats, can I put them in a .zip file instead?

A: Please do not zip audio, video, or text files! Zip folders disrupt digital processing procedures, therefore, .zip folders should be created ONLY to contain special formats such as sound design patch or app files. All PDFs, audio, and video files should be uploaded individually. Email to request additional uploads if needed.


Q: Can I bundle my video, audio, and documents into separate .zip files?

A: No. Please see above.


Q: What happens if I don't follow the formatting rules?

A: Your submission will not be accepted and you will not be eligible to graduate from your program.


Q: I don't know my program and course number. Who has that information?

A: Ask your advisor or email


Q: I have a question not answered here. Who do I contact if I'm having trouble preparing my files?

A: Email or



Q: Where can I find the CE committee form?

A: This form is available from the Graduate Studies webpage.


Q: I have a question not answered here. Who should I contact?

A: First, review the Graduate Studies Culminating Experience webpage. If your question is not addressed there, use the contacts in the "Need Help" section at the top-right of this page.

Q: When do I submit my files to Berklee Archives?

A: Submit your final Culminating Experience to Berklee Archives after your defense, following any revisions (if applicable, and after checking with your advisor that there are no further changes to make).


Q: Where is my program's Submittable form link?

A: Links will be emailed to you by Graduate Studies by [X DATE]. They will also be available in this guide under Resources for Students as of [X DATE]


Q: How do I obtain a PDF of the distribution agreement form?

A: When you complete the form in HelloSign, you will automatically be emailed a PDF of the signed form. Download this document to your computer and upload to Submittable along with your reflection paper and project files.


Q: I have more than 15 project files to upload. What do I do?

A: Email to request additional uploads


Q: My files are taking a long time to upload/Submittable is crashing. What do I do?

A: Uploads will work best when done on a secure internet connection, preferably from a laptop or desktop. If you do not have access to one of both of these things, contact one of the following resources for assistance:

  • Valencia students:
  • Boston/Berklee Online students:

Q: Am I required to make my project accessible to the public?

A: Yes, all CEs are eventually released for public access. However, you can elect to impose a one-year embargo on your work, which restricts access to the Berklee community only.

Q: Can I extend the embargo?

A: Yes, you can renew the embargo for another year by emailing You must renew by March 1. Requests received after this date will not be honored. You can renew up to four times, for a total of five years. Special extensions beyond that may be granted by request for business or legal reasons.


Q: Where can I view past Culminating Experience Projects?

A: Selected projects are available in our online institutional repository:

Need Help?

For project-specific questions, including revisions, contact your advisor or instructor.  

For general policy and procedure questions: Graduate Studies:

For Submittable and distribution agreement questions: Berklee Archives:

For file reformatting assistance: (Valencia students) or Peer Training sessions (Boston/Online students)

For writing support: (Valencia students) or (Boston/Online students)