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Copyright and Intellectual Property: Berklee's Intellectual Property Policy

""Berklee College of Music is dedicated to nurturing the creative and career potential of the world’s most inspired artists. Intellectual property rights can play a critical role in reaching this goal. Intellectual property law secures for individual authors and inventors certain exclusive rights and benefits, and thereby encourages them to create. These creative efforts then benefit the larger community. In this policy, we implement these features of intellectual property law to support and encourage our faculty and students to create, share, teach, and learn." - Berklee IP Policy Committee


At the end of 2019, Berklee will be establishing an institution-wide Intellectual Property (IP) Policy, which is intended to support and encourage our faculty and students to create, share, teach, and learn. The policy is based on the following broad principles:


  • Each student owns the copyright to any work they create at Berklee.

  • Faculty members similarly own the copyright to their independent work and to personal elements of the courses they teach.

  • Students, faculty members, and teaching staff own patent rights to inventions they develop at Berklee.


In fall 2017, a group of staff and faculty was assembled to debate and discuss the principles of IP as they apply to the Berklee community. This group worked on the draft policy throughout 2018.


In mid-2019, the Berklee community provided comments and feedback on the proposed policy. This process was open to all students, faculty, and staff, and was undertaken online and open-house meetings and presentations during March and April. The latest draft is currently under review, and the policy will be published at the end of 2019.

Policy Documents

IP Policy Committee Members

Jay Kennedy, Vice President for Academic Affairs/Vice Provost (chair)


Panos Panay, Vice President for Innovation and Strategy (chair)


Debbie Cavalier, Senior Vice President of Online Learning and Continuing Education


Joe Bennett, Vice President for Academic Affairs—Strategic Initiatives


Heather Reid, Dean of Learning Resources


Mark Simos, Associate Professor, Songwriting Department


Pablo Munguía, Music Production, Technology, and Innovation Program Director, Valencia Campus


Tonya Butler, Assistant Chair, Music Business/Management Department


George Howard, Associate Professor, Music Business/Management Department


Prince Charles Alexander, Professor, Music Production and Engineering Department


Tom Riley, Vice President for External Affairs