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Music Education: Music Instructional Methods

Music Instructional Methods

Books on instruction methods: Orff, Kodály, Dalcroze, Edwin Gordon and Suzuki



Key Concepts in the Orff Music Therapy: Definitions and Examples  Jeremy Day and Shirley Salmon
ML3920 .O74 1989  Check Availability
Image:Key-concerts-in-orff.jpg From the publisher:
In her second Book on the Orff Music Therapy, Gertrud Orff defines 77 'key concepts' of fundamental importance to an understanding of this multi-sensory therapy. A terminology is created that provides a tangible link to any child in need of therapy and enables the therapist to approach each child by means of an objective understanding of his complex condition.
Orff and Kodaly Adapted for the Elementary School  Lawrence Wheeler and Lois Raeback
MT1.W44 O7  Check Availability
Image:Orffkodaly.resizedimage.jpeg From the publisher:
This book provides a basic introduction to the Orff and Kodaly methods of instruction.
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The Kodály Method: Comprehensive Music Education  Lois Chosky
MT1 .C5365 1999  Check Availability
Image:The-kodaly-method.jpg From the publisher:
Designed to provide sample month-by-month and yearly plans for each grade level from one to six, this step-by-step guide features a collection of more than 200 songs—many of which are new to the Third Edition—organized precisely in the sequence of the Kodaly Method. It presents a highly sequential music program in which singing, moving, listening, musical reading and writing, improvising and composing are the means through which children develop skills and acquire knowledge about melody, harmony, rhythm, form, tempo, timbre, and dynamics. -->
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Eurythmics, Art and Education  Emile Jaques-Dalcroze
MT22 .J378 1980  Check Availability
Image:Eurythmics-art-and-education.jpg From the publisher:
This text gives a broad overview of the beginning stages of planning a string curriculum and teaching an orchestral program.
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Edwin Gordon

Learning Sequences in Music: A Contemporary Music Learning Theory by Edwin E. Gordon
MT1 .G67 L4 2007  Check Availability
Image:Learning-sequences.jpg From the publisher:
A concise summary of the teaching methods devised by Edwin Gordon. Suitable for classrooms of all ages.
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The Suzuki Concept: An Introduction to a Successful Method for Early Music Education by Shinichi Suzuki ... [et al.]
MT6 .S95 1973  Check Availability
Image:Suzuki.jpg From the publisher:
During the past ten years a "Suzuki Explosion" has taken place in the musical life of the United states. More than 100,000 children, aged three and up, have been taught to play the violin, piano, cello, and flute through the method conceived by Dr. Shinicki Suzuki. Their facility has amazed most observers. They have demonstrated musical skills, improved learning ability, and a deeper relationship with their parents, teachers, and communities. Their talents stand as tributes to the Japanese violin master who is one of the giants in the field of early education.
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