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ABLE Music Resource Center

This guide will serves as the prototype information portal that connects users to professional development materials and resources.

Announcing REMIX


Please visit the brand new and searchable ABLE Arts Research Center home at


See the collection press release for more details: 


Berklee Announces ABLE Arts Resource Center
August 5, 2020




Below are recordings of free VSA Webinars that addressed topics related to art, disability, and education.


(2017) The Arts and Special Education A Map for Research

Gabriel, J. (2016) Arts As Inclusion: Holding Ourselves Accountable in Reaching Students with Disabilities (Transcript)


Lekatz,J, & Swoboda, N. (2016) Body, Voice, Imagination: How Theatre Arts Curriculum Can Be Used to Overcome Barriers for Students with Autism (Transcript)


Nichols, J. (2015) Can You Feel It?: A Tactile Approach to Music Literacy (Transcript)


Camacho, D. (2015) Cómo los Departamentos de Educación de los museos pueden armonizar la educación especial y las artes visuales (Transcripción).


Dearden, N., Derick, E., Thomas, M., & Oetgen, S. (2016) Creative Control: Arts, Self-Determination, and Student-led IEPs (Transcript)


Desai, M. (2016) Dance across Cultural Paradigms with Bhangra–a Folk Dance from India (Transcript)


Hicks, V., & Kraft, M. (2015) Drawing on Disability: Comics Including Difference (Transcript)


Dunn, C., Hackett, B., Dubbels, K., & Brink, L. (2015) Exploring a Watercolor Lesson through Universal Design for Learning and a Process of Collaborative Inquiry (Transcript)


Merwyn, J., Rooney, E., Gonzalez, S., & Sharma, H. (2015) From Inception to Implementation: Structuring a Professional Development Program for Special Education Classrooms (Transcript)




Stichter, L., & Moore, A. (2016) How Do I Keep the Ship Moving Forward? Merging UDL and Classroom Management Strategies in the Art Room (Transcript)


Savia, L., & Spilhaus, B. (2014) How to Prepare for Hosting an Intern with a Disability (Transcript)


Raine, J. (2014) Making the Marriage Work: Best Practices for School and Arts Organization Partnerships (Transcript)


Smith, C., Singh, M. (2016) Music & Math in Motion: A New Learning Approach to Counting in 4/4 Time and Tempo Concepts for Students on the Autism Spectrum (Transcript)


Seham, J., Muradwij, N. (2016) Poetry in Motion: A Poetry Dance Play for the Middle School Special Education Classroom (Transcript)


Burns, S. (2016) Promote Dignity, Retain Integrity: Strategies for the Inclusive Secondary General Music Classroom (Transcript)


McCord, K. Zielinski (2014) Stories from the Field of Arts, Disability, & Education: Dr. Kimberly McCord and Dr. Sandra Zielinski (Transcript)


Sehamn, J. (2015 ) Steps Five, Six, Seven, and Eight: Beyond the Basics of Dance Education for Students with Disabilities (Transcript)


Laird, L., & Fuelberth, R. (2014) Strategies for Successful Inclusion in Secondary Music Ensembles (Transcript)


Malley, S. (2016) Successfully Teaching Students with Disabilities: Supports that Make a Difference (Transcript)


Norfolk, S. (2015) Teach them to FLY! How Storytelling Gives Wings to Primary-age Children with Disabilities (Transcript)


Pierce-Goldstein, L., & Rubin, A. (2015) The Art of AAC: Creating Visual Supports to Inspire Communication and Participation During Arts Instruction (Transcript)


Ali, B., & Glass, D. (2017) The Design and Use of Inclusive Surveys in Arts Programs (Transcript)


Volante, N., & Hamilton, C. (2016) The Teacher and the Teaching Artist: Collaboration and Community Building in the Classroom (Transcript)


Hough, A. (2016) Underdogs in the Spotlight: Using Plays to Discover and Showcase the Talents of Students with Disabilities (Transcript)


Ellison, A., Shingle, J., Wolfarth, N. (2014) Video Self-Modeling in the Classroom with Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders