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Music Production and Engineering: Audio Engineering Basics

Audio Engineering Basics

Books, Clinics, Interviews, Documentaries, Magazines and Journals about audio engineering



Understanding Audio: Getting the Most Out of Your Project or Professional Recording Studio by Daniel M. Thompson
TK7881.4 .T55 2005  Check Availability
Image:Understanding_Audio_Daniel_Thompson.jpg‎ From
"Understanding Audio explores the fundamentals of audio and acoustics that impact every stage of the music recording process. Whether you are a musician setting up your first Pro Tools project studio, or you are a seasoned recording engineer or producer eager to find a reference that fills in the gaps in your understanding of audio, this book is for you."
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Assistant Engineers Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Working as an Assistant Recording Engineer in Today's Modern Sound Studio by Tim Crich
TK7881.4 C74 1995  Check Availability
Image:Assistant_Engineers.jpg‎ From the back cover:
Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science by Robert A. Katz
TK7881.4 .K38 2002  Check Availability
Image:Mastering_audio.jpg‎ From
"Mastering Audio explains leading-edge audio concepts in an easy-to-grasp, holistic manner, including an ear-opening investigation of the mysteries of jitter, dither and wordlengths, high sample rates, distortion, headroom, monitor calibration, metering, depth perception, compression and expansion, equipment interconnection and much more. Mastering Audio is for everyone who wants to increase their mastery of digital and analog audio: musicians, producers, A&R, mastering, recording and mixing engineers, and students."
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A Sound Engineer's Guide to Audio Test and Measurement by Glen Ballou
EBSCO ElectronicBook  Check Availability
Image:A_sound_engineers_guide.jpg‎ From
"This book offers a quick guide and complete reference to the fundamentals of test and measurement for all aspects of sound engineering. Including electrical and acoustic testing, measurement systems, levels, methods, protecting the ear, units of measurement and standards, this guide comes with...multiple tables to ensure quick easy access to information and [to] illustrate points. [T]his is a must have reference for all audio engineers."
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Dictionary of Music Production and Engineering Terminology by Wayne Wadhams
Reference ML102.M85 W3 1988  Check Availability
Image:Dictionary_Music_production_engineering_vocabulary.jpg‎ From the publisher's blurb:
"This comprehensive guide, the first of its kind written for musicians and creative professionals in music, clearly defines nearly 2500 terms used in music production and audio-engineering, including technical, creative, and business terminology."
The Cambridge Companion to Recorded Music edited by Nicholas Cook et al.
ML155.59 .C36 2009  Check Availability
Image:Cambridge_companion_recorded_music.jpg‎ From the Cambridge University Press website:
"From the cylinder to the download, the practice of music has been radically transformed by the development of recording and playback technologies. This Companion provides a detailed overview of the transformation, encompassing both classical and popular music."
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The Studio Musician's Handbook by Bobby Owsinski and Paul Ill
ML3790 .O97 2009  Check Availability
Image:Studio_Musicians_handbook.jpg‎ From
"What happens during a big-time professional recording session can be easily applied to make even the most casual recording session successful. In The Studio Musician's Handbook, best-selling author Bobby Owsinski and in-demand studio bassist Paul Ill reveal the inner workings of a major Hollywood recording session, including a look at the players themselves."
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Sound Advice: The Musician's Guide to the Recording Studio by Wayne Wadhams
TK7881.4 .W33 1995  Check Availability
Image:Sound_Advice.jpg‎ From
"As a musician, how do you know which rights to negotiate to win your best publishing and recording deal? What should you ask your entertainment lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected? When is producing a music video the right move - and when is it an expensive mistake? What do you need to put together a winning promotional tape? Record producer and consultant Wayne Wadhams answers the questions foremost in the mind of every musician."
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Clinics, Interviews, and Documentaries

Sound Man WWII to MP3 by Scott Budman & Don Hardy
DVD 3061  Check Availability
Image:Sound_Man.jpg‎ From
"Jack Mullin's influence extends from the creation of tape following World War II to the rise of the iPod in recent times. Sound Man sheds welcome light on the career of this neglected pioneer, responsible for the innovation described as 'a musician's dream.'" - Peter Schwartz

Tom Dowd & the Language of Music by Mark Moormann
DVD 1591  Check Availability
Image:Tom_Dowd_language_of_Music.jpg‎ From
"Tom Dowd & the Language Of Music profiles the extraordinary life and legendary work of music producer/recording engineer Tom Dowd. Historical footage, vintage photographs and interviews with a who's who list of musical giants from the worlds of jazz, soul and classic rock shine a spotlight on the brilliance of Tom Dowd, whose creative spirit and passion for innovative technology helped shape the course of modern music."

Analysis Techniques of Modern Music Producers by Prince Charles Alexander and the Berklee College of Music Learning Center
DVD 4228  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-DVD.jpg From the catalog:
"Prince Charles Alexander shares his expertise, and keen sense of production and the music business. He covers beat mapping in Logic and Pro Tools, how stereo sound is perceived through time differentials in sound reaching both ears and other topics."
Arif Mardin Clinic by Berklee College of Music
DVD 3218  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-DVD.jpg From the catalog:
"Recorded at 2:00 pm, Thur. March 6, 1986 in room 1W, Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts."
Quincy Jones: In the Pocket a production of Thirteen/WNET New York
DVD 566  Check Availability
Image:Quincy_jones_in_the_pocket.jpg‎ From
"Ninety minutes seems insufficient to cover the remarkable career of Quincy Jones, but this documentary, broadcast in 2001 as part of PBS's American Masters series, does a pretty fair job of it. Using interviews, photos, film clips, etc., In the Pocket manages to address all of it, while also documenting Jones's two failed marriages, an aneurysm, a nervous breakdown, and other lowlights. Harry Belafonte narrates, and many luminaries are on hand to celebrate the life and work of one of the most prolific and respected musicians of our time." - Sam Graham

The Making of Pump 
DVD 131  Check Availability
Image:Making_of_pump.jpg‎ From
"A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Pump, the album that carried Boston band Aerosmith into the nineties. While this video doesn't include album versions of any of the songs from Pump (Columbia did not have control of the rights), it does include extensive footage of the band members perfecting their craft in the studios, as well as interviews with all those involved." - Jean-Marc Rocher

The Dark Side of the Moon 
DVD 1098  Check Availability
Image:Dark_Side_of_the_Moon_DVD.png‎ From
"The most phenomenal recording in rock & roll history is thoroughly examined in Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon. The Floyd's 1973 masterpiece remained on bestseller charts for nearly 14 years, and its enduring importance is honored here by all four members of Pink Floyd and key personnel (engineer Alan Parsons, mixing supervisor Chris Thomas, sleeve designer Storm Thorgerson, and others) who played essential roles in the landmark album's creation." - Jeff Shannon


Magazines and Journals

Electronic Musician 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Electronic_Musician.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Relaunched and redesigned to feature the editorial depth and influence of both EM and EQ, the all-new Electronic Musician is the premier media vehicle offering manufacturers the opportunity to reach the full spectrum of today’s musicians, producers and engineers. Electronic Musician is not merely a recording magazine but covers all aspects of music production—performance, recording and technology, from studio to stage."
The Mix 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Mix_magazine.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Distributed in 94 countries, Mix is the world's leading magazine for the professional recording and sound production technology industry. Mix covers a wide range of topics including: recording, live sound and production, broadcast production, audio for film and video, and music technology. In addition, Mix includes coverage of facility design and construction, location recording, tape/disc manufacturing, education, and other topics of importance to audio professionals."
Tape Op: The Creative Music Recording Magazine 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Tape_Op.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Tape Op Magazine is a bi-monthly publication covering music recording...Since 1996 our articles have covered producers, engineers and musicians with gear reviews and more. Tape Op’s focus has been on creativity and inspiration, rather than simple discussions of recording equipment."
Sound On Sound 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Sound_on_Sound.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Sound On Sound, the world's premier music recording technology magazine. Based in Cambridge, England and independently-owned, we've been delivering our quality monthly print magazine since 1985...Sound On Sound is recognised internationally as the 'bible' of the hi-tech music recording industry."
Music Tech Magazine 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Music_Tech.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Music Tech is the world's most practical music recording and production magazine. Every issue is packed with hands-on features written by professional producers and engineers, software walkthroughs for all the key packages, Ten Minute Master guides to technologies and techniques, and the very latest product and software news and reviews. PLUS there's a free DVD every issue filled with exclusive royalty-free samples and loops, special edition software, video tutorials and workshop resources."
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Journal_Audio_Engineering_Society.jpg‎ From the Audio Engineering Society's website:
"The Journal of the Audio Engineering Society — the official publication of the AES — is the only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to audio technology. The Journal contains state-of-the-art technical papers and engineering reports; feature articles covering timely topics; pre and post reports of AES conventions and other society activities; news from AES sections around the world; Standards and Education Committee work; membership news, patents, new products, and newsworthy developments in the field of audio."