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Music Production and Engineering: Audio Equipment

Audio Equipment

Books on audio equipment

The Sound Reinforcement Handbook by Gary Davis, Ralph Jones, and Yamaha International
TK7881.4 .D385 1989  Check Availability
Image:Sound_Reinforcement_Handbook.jpg‎ From
"This book is the first and only book of its kind to cover all aspects of designing and using such systems for public address and musical performance. The book features information on both the audio theory involved and the practical applications of that theory, explaining everything from microphones to loudspeakers. This revised edition features almost 40 new pages and is even easier to follow with the addition of an index and a simplified page and chapter numbering system."
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The Microphone Book by John Eargle
TK6478 .E27 2004  Check Availability
Image:Microphone_Book.jpg‎ From
"The Microphone Book provides a fundamental background on how microphones operate. Detailed chapters analyze the different types of microphones including, among others, pressure and pressure gradient microphones; first order directional microphones, high directionality microphones, and wireless microphones. Chapters based on actual recording sessions/studio operations focus on different microphone applications in recording venues such as studio recording, classical recording, news gathering, and more. Surround sound is covered from both a creative and a technical viewpoint."
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What's a Signal Processor?: Getting the Most Out of Your Effects by Emile Menasché
TK5102.9 .M46 2001  Check Availability
Image:Whats_a_signal_processor.jpg‎ From
"If you're new to audio, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the myriad of tools that shape your sound. What's a Signal Processor? is a first-rate introduction to digital and analog signal processors and their uses in recording, mixing and live performance. Including discussions of effects like reverb, delay, chorus, compressor and EQ, as well as advanced topics such as signal paths, software plug-ins and creating your own effects, this is an easy-to-digest guide for any musician who wants to expand the possibilities of recording and performance."
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Analog Recording: Using Vintage Gear in the Home Studio by David Simons
TK7881.4 .S56 2005  Check Availability
Image:Analog_Recording.jpg‎ From
"Today's hottest home-studio trend is the revival of analog recording. Everyone knows that digital is convenient, consistent, and reliable - but if you want the warm, live sound of real music, you need to allow analog back into the mix. The good news is that the equipment you need is still out there - and surprisingly affordable. This book tells you how to find, maintain and use: analog tape machines, analog mixing consoles and monitors, vintage and vintage-style microphones, analog reverberation, echo, compression and limiting. The book also takes you through the process of building a home studio and a live echo chamber."
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Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics (Fourth Edition) by Stan Gibilisco
TK7816 .G53 2011  Check Availability
Image:Teach_yourself_electricity_electronics.jpg‎ From
"The best combination self-teaching guide, home reference, and classroom text on electricity and electronics has been updated to deliver the latest advances. Great for preparing for amateur and commercial licensing exams, this guide has been prized by thousands of students and professionals for its uniquely thorough coverage ranging from DC and AC concepts to semiconductors and integrated circuits."
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5.1 Surround Sound: Up and Running (Second Edition) by Tomlinson Holman
EBSCO ElectronicBook  Check Availability
Image:Surround_Sound.jpg‎ From
"Fully updated throughout this best selling title on surround sound offers you a wealth of practical information, now considered the 'go to' book for those requiring a working knowledge. Concentrating specifically on surround audio, Holman provides clear comprehensive explanations of complex concepts, making this a must have book for all those in the field." Click here to access this e-book.
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Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook (Third Edition) edited by John Borwick, with specialist contributors
TK5983.5 .L68 2001  Check Availability
Image:Loudspeaker_and_Headphone_Handbook.jpg‎ From
"Written by a team of experts, the Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook provides a detailed technical reference of all aspects of loudspeakers and headphones: from theory and construction of transducer drive units and enclosures, to such practical matters as construction, applications in rooms, public address, sound reinforcement, studio monitoring and musical instruments. Loudspeaker measurements and subjective evaluation are treated in equal detail and headphones are discussed comprehensively."
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