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Music Production and Engineering: Music Business and Career Resources

Music Business and Career Resources

Books on music business and career resources for music production and engineering

All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald S. Passman and Randy Glass
ML3790 .P37 2009  Check Availability
Image:All_You_Need_To_Know_Music_Business.jpg‎ From
"No one understands the music industry -- from the technology, to the legalities, to the new industry practices -- better than veteran music lawyer Donald Passman. In this completely revised and updated seventh edition of All You Need to Know About the Music Business, which the Los Angeles Times called 'the industry bible' and which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies over the last eighteen years, Passman offers executives and artists, experts and novices alike the essential information they need not only to survive in these volatile and exciting times, but also to thrive."
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Assistant Engineer Handbook: Gigs in the Recording Studio and Beyond by Sarah Jones
TA365 .J56 2004  Check Availability
Image:Assistant_Engineer_Handbook.jpg From :
"Sarah Jones presents a comprehensive guide to being an effective and creative assistant studio engineer...Rather than offering pages and pages of technical jargon, Jones discusses ways to approach the industry itself including: how to network and achieve the best internship; knowing exactly what will be required of you and what to expect from your role; the standards of knowledge and technical education you may require; pragmatic ways to approach 'difficult' sessions; preparing for interviews; effective strategies and career management."
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Music 3.0: A Survival Guide for Making Music in the Internet Age by Bobby Owsinski
ML3790.O97 2009  Check Availability
Image:Music_3.jpg‎ From
"While Music 2.0 encompassed the era of file sharing and digital distribution, Music 3.0 employs new ways to start and sustain a career, to develop an audience and engage them with interactive marketing. Sales, distribution, and marketing have reconfigured so much that even artists located far away from a big media center can thrive without the help of a record label - if they know how. Music 3.0 explains what has changed, why it will change even more, and how musicians and artists (photographers, writers, animators) can take advantage of the changes."
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Appetite for Self-destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age by Steve Knopper
ML3790 .K567 2010  Check Availability
Image:Appetite_for_SelfDestruction.jpg‎ From
"For the first time, Appetite for Self-Destruction recounts the epic story of the precipitous rise and fall of the recording industry over the past three decades, when the incredible success of the CD turned the music business into one of the most glamorous, high-profile industries in the world -- and the advent of file sharing brought it to its knees. In a comprehensive, fast-paced account full of larger-than-life personalities, Rolling Stone contributing editor Steve Knopper shows that, after the incredible wealth and excess of the '80s and '90s, Sony, Warner, and the other big players brought about their own downfall through years of denial and bad decisions in the face of dramatic advances in technology."

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Confessions of a Record Producer: How to Survive the Scams and Shams of the Music Business by Moses Avalon
ML3790 .A93 2009  Check Availability
Image:Confessions_of_a_record_producer.jpg‎ From
"Here Avalon pseudonymously exposes the ways the recording industry can take advantage of budding artists. Avalon examines the various stages of the record deal. He explains the role of each person involved and suggests what that person's self-interest is. He also contrasts the differences among deals at the major labels, independents, and vanity labels, and he discusses 'baby' deals between artists and production companies. Avalon's final cut is a medley of stories, rumors, and myths about ways people can be or have been "ripped-off." Though sometimes too blunt, Avalon provides a caveat that novices could miss out on elsewhere." - David Rouse
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Behind the Glass: Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits by Howard Massey
ML3790 .M352 2001  Check Availability
Image:Behind_the_glass.jpg‎ From
"In this prime collection of first-hand interviews, 37 of the world's top record producers share their creative secrets and hit-making techniques - from the practical to the artistic. George Martin reveals the technical and musical challenges of working with The Beatles, while Phil Ramone, producer for such artists as Billy Joel, discusses studio wall treatments. Offering real-world advice on everything from mics to mixing to coaching a nervous singer, producers interviewed include Arif Mardin (Aretha Franklin), Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Alan Parsons (Pink Floyd) and more."
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The Music Business and Recording Industry: Delivering Music in the 21st Century by Geoffrey P. Hull, Thomas Hutchison, and Richard Strasser
EBSCO ElectronicBook  Check Availability
Image:Music_Business_Recording_Industry.jpg‎ From Google Books:
"The Music Business and Recording Industry is a comprehensive textbook focused on the three income streams in the music industry: music publishing, live entertainment, and recordings. The book provides a sound foundation for understanding key issues, while presenting the latest research in the field."
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This Business of Music: The Definitive Guide to the Business and Legal Issues of the Music Industry by M. William Krasilovsky and Sidney Shemel
ML3790 .S5 2007  Check Availability
Image:This_Business_of_Music.jpg‎ From
"Published since 1964, This Business of Music is recognized as the industry textbook, and Krasilovsky, a music and copyright lawyer, offers broad and deep treatment of contracts, royalties, loans, tax issues, videos, and copyright. The new edition presents the industry in four parts: an overview, the record industry, music writers and publishers, and other aspects of the business."
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The Business of Hip-Hop 2008 [panel] directed by John Kellogg
DVD 3107  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-DVD.jpg From the catalog:
"Recorded at Berklee Performance Center on Wednesday, February 20, 2008. This executive Roundtable and Q&A session is moderated by Grammy-winning Berklee faculty member Prince Charles Alexander, and features some of hip-hop's most successful professionals."