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Percussion: Style and Techniques

Style and Techniques

Books and DVDs on style and technique for percussion




Selected books from the library's collection
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The Art of Bop Drumming by John Riley
MT662.8.R55 A7  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_the_art_of_bop_drumming.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"The definitive book on bop drumming -- a style that is both the turning point and the cornerstone of contemporary music's development. This comprehensive book and audio presentation covers time playing, comping, soloing, brushes, more jazz essentials, and charts in an entertaining mix of text, music, and pertinent quotes."
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Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin
MT662.3.C43 A3  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_advanced_techniques_for_the_modern_drummer.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer is among the greatest drum books of all time. This book has been used since 1948 by students searching for jazz drumset independence."
Advanced Funk Studies: Creative Patterns For the Advanced Drummer in the Styles of Today's Leading Funk Drummers by Rick Latham
MT662.3.L37 A3 2002  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_advanced_funk_studies.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Included in Modern Drummer magazine's list of the 25 greatest drum books, Advanced Funk Studies will help you take your groove to the next level. With author and renowned drummer Rick Latham as your guide, you'll learn hi-hat, funk, and fill patterns."
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Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer by George Lawrence Stone
MT662.3 .S76 S7  Check Availability
Image:Stick_Control_For_the_Snare_Drummer.jpg‎ From
"George Lawrence Stone's Stick Control is the original classic, often called the bible of drumming. In 1993, Modern Drummer magazine named the book one of the top 25 books of all-time. In the words of the author, it is the ideal book for improving 'control, speed, flexibility, touch, rhythm, lightness, delicacy, power, endurance, preciseness of execution and muscular coordination,' with extra attention given to the development of the weak hand. This indispensable book for drummers of all types includes hundreds of basic to advanced-level rhythms, moving through categories of single-beat combinations, triplets, short roll combinations, flam beats, flam triplets and dotted notes, and short roll progressions."
Brazilian Percussion by Gilson de Assis
MT655 .A6 2003  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_brazilian_percussion.jpg From the publisher:
"This book is much more than a drum manual. First the author delves into the history and development of Brazilian percussion. He then devotes himself thoroughly to instrumental techniques for the most widespread rhythms such as Batucada, Samba Reggae and Maracatu."
Building Basic Drum Technique: Strength, Speed, Endurance, and Control for Single Bass Drum Players by Ron Spagnardi
MT662.3.S63 B8 2001  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_building_basic_drum_technique.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"This book from Modern Drummer publisher Ron Spagnardi will help drummers using a traditional single bass set-up attain the most effective and efficient results from their playing. In a simple and methodical manner, it presents bass drum development exercises using 8th notes, triplets, two common 16th-note figures, straight 16th notes, 16th-note triplets, and 32nd notes."
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Accents and Rebounds: For the Snare Drummer by George Lawrence Stone
MT662.3.S8 A2 c.2  Check Availability
Image:Accents_and_Rebounds_for_the_Snare_Drummer.jpg‎ From Google Books:
"Accents and Rebounds adds accent routines and more advanced rhythms to the basics covered in Stick Control, adding finesse and control to the player's skills. This follow up book to the classic by George Lawrence Stone, includes sections on accented eighths, accented dotted notes, accented triplets, rebound control, and many more. If you are a fan of Stick Control, Accents and Rebounds supplies the perfect next steps for your practice routine."
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Master Studies by Joe Morello; edited by Rick Mattingly
MT662.3.M67 M3  Check Availability
Image:Master_Studies_Joe_Morello.jpg‎ From
"This is the book on hand development and drumstick control. Master Studies focuses on these important aspects: accent studies, buzz-roll exercises, single and double-stroke patterns, control studies, flam patterns, dynamic development, endurance studies, and much more!"
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The Moeller Book: The Art of Snare Drumming written and compiled by Sanford A. Moeller
MT662 .M64 1982  Check Availability
Image:Moeller_Book_Art_of_Snare_Drumming.jpg‎ From the publisher:
This book presents "rudimental drumming as essentially applied to martial music or field music, but with ample proof that it is the foundation of all snare drumming and necessary in the proper execution of modern band and orchestra music, as well as that of the military band and drum corps. In this edition we are not going into an exhaustive and confusing treatise, but are giving an adequate and positively correct school for the modern drummer."
Solo Tabla Drumming of North India: Its Repertoire, Styles, and Performance Practices by Robert S. Gottlieb
ML1038.T3 G68  Check Availability
Image:Solo_Tabla_Drumming_of_North_India.jpg‎ From the book's Preface:
"Performances by six of India's leading exponents, each representing a particular gharana, form the basis of this study. Each performance is completely transcribed. The Transcriptions (Vol. II) have provided the basic materials for the descriptions and analysis of the various repertoire forms and the performance practices. The Text (Vol. I) contains background information on the origins of the tabla, the gharanas, construction and nomenclature of the tabla, descriptions of the drum strokes and the repertoire, the theory of rhythm, and the underlying principles which govern the improvisational practices. The Commentary section which follows contains detailed accounts of what is happening in all parts of the performances with particular emphasis begin given to the improvisational procedures."
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Doumbec Delight: A Thirty Lesson Course in Middle Eastern Drumming with Basic Music Theory by Mary Ellen Donald
Reserve MT725 .D8  Check Availability
Image:Doumbec_Delight.jpg‎ From Google Books:
"The [CDs] include Mary Ellen playing most of the examples in the Doumbek Delight book, improvising solos, and playing the accent patterns of each rhythm at length to provide a steady backup for student practice."
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Arabic Tambourine: A Comprehensive Course in Techniques and Performance for the Tambourine, Tar, and Mazhar by Mary Ellen Donald
Reserve MT725.T3 D6  Check Availability
Image:Arabic_Tambourine.jpg‎ From the book's preface:
"The value of the book lies partly in its encompassing nature. The student is taught: a) old traditional patterns considered 'classics' in the Arab-Turkish musical repertoire; b) currently used Arab patterns derived from various folk, urban, and ethnic Western-derived patterns now part of the Arab rhythmic vocabulary... The book is a thorough and detailed treatment of rhythmic material as realized in the arena of practice through traditional playing techniques of the daff and related frame-drum types." - A. Jihad Racy, Music Department, UCLA
New Orleans Jazz and Second Line Drumming by Herlin Riley and Johnny Vidacovich
MT662.8 .N48 1995  Check Availability
Image:New_Orleans_Jazz_Second_Line_Drumming.jpg‎ From Google Books:
"This book & CD traces the evolution of New Orleans jazz and second-line drumming from the early styles of ragtime and traditional jazz to their modern applications in contemporary jazz."
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The Best of Modern Drummer, Rock  various contributors
MT662.3 .B47 1992  Check Availability
Image:Best_of_Modern_Drummer_Rock.jpg‎ From
"This special book is a compilation of the 50 best Rock Perspectives articles that have appeared in Modern Drummer magazine since its beginnings. The informational articles are packed with tips and instructions, and the authors include famous drummers like Neil Peart, Will Kennedy, Kenny Aronoff, and more. Includes lots of musical examples."
The Commandments of R&B Drumming: A Comprehensive Guide to Soul, Funk and Hip-Hop by Zoro, with Russ Miller; transcription & notation by Brian Mason
MT662.6.Z67 C6  Check Availability
Image:Commandments_of_R&B_Drumming.jpg‎ From
"The Commandments of R&B Drumming is a historical and in-depth study of R&B drumming, from soul to funk to hip-hop, written by world-renowned session & live drummer Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Sean Lennon). Topics include practice tips, developing the funky bass drum and hi-hat, creating and playing with loops, and what are considered the Ten Commandments of Soul, Funk, and Hip-Hop (the top ten recordings from each era). This book not only pays homage to the R&B drummers of the past, but gives the reader a fortune of invaluable information both in history and playing."
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The Essence of Afro-Cuban Percussion and Drum Set: Rhythms, Songstyles, Techniques, Applications by Ed Uribe
MT655.U75 E7  Check Availability
Image:Essence_of_Afro-Cuban_Percussion_and_Drum_Set.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"An in-depth study (324 pgs) of all the percussion instruments, rhythms and song styles of Afro-Cuban music, along with their applications to the drum set. Detailed technical studies of each instrument are presented along with notations of many rhythm styles. The entire rhythm section (parts for bass, piano, horn section, string section, tres and guitar) is also studied in detail. The book comes with two CDs that include performances of each percussion instrument, drum set, all rhythm section instruments, as well as examples of all musical styles with full instrumentation in score form."
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Fast Forward. Hip Hop Drum Patterns with Dave Zubraski and Clive Jenner of The Freestylers
MT662.3 .Z83 2001  Check Availability
Image:Fast_Forward_HipHop_Drum_Patterns.jpg‎ From
"This exciting series of instrumental instruction books includes complete music plus easy-to-follow instructions, tips and advice. The accompanying CDs allow you to listen and play along to the matching audio tracks. These user-friendly book/CD packs provide riffs, licks, chords and tricks you can learn now, and easily incorporate into your own playing style! This useful book and CD will add a new dimension to your drum technique. Play along with the tracks on the CD and discover all you need to know about hip hop, funk and soul beats, developing your own style as you learn. Includes unique Guide To Drums pull-out chart with all you need to know to get started."
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John Blackwell Technique, Grooving and Showmanship 
LVD 226-227  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_john_blackwell_technique.jpg From
"This double disc set features over four hours of incredible material by one of today's most exciting players. John Blackwell, world-class groove master and drummer with Prince, offers his approach to developing the amazing technique he has become know for, including key exercises that he used as a student-and still uses-demonstrations with bassist Baron Browne, performances with his great band, Matrix, and more."
New Orleans Drumming directed by Stevenson J. Palfi
LVD 280  Check Availability
Image:Percussion_new_orleans_drumming.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"This instructional DVD features Herlin Riley, Johnny Vidacovich, Earl Palmer, and Herman Ernst in more than three hours of footage! Learn their styles (R&B, funk, jazz, and Reggae) and the history and evolution of the sounds of New Orleans."