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Strings: History and Development

History and Development

Books, DVDs, magazines and journals on the history and development of strings


Books and DVDs

Selected books from the library's collection
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Traditional North American Fiddling: A Methodology for the Historical and Comparative Analytical Style Study of Instrumental Musical Traditions by Earl V. Spielman
ML860 .S74 1975  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-BOOKS.jpg From the book's abstract:
"The author has proposed procedures for the historical and comparative analytical style study of any body of traditional instrumental music and has set forth and explained a foundation for its study (Chapter II)... Chapter IV is a history of traditional fiddling in North America from the arrival of the earliest settlers (both white and black)... Chapter V is an extensive discussion of analytical procedures of fiddling and fiddle music and is followed by the detailed examination of a number of musical renditions and additional examples from different fiddling traditions. The final chapter (Chapter VI) is a series of profiles of the various fiddling traditions of North America based upon the criteria established in the foundation, historical research and comparative musical analysis."
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Violin Owner's Manual edited by Heather K. Scott
ML800 .V64 2001  Check Availability
Image:Strings_history_violinownersmanual.jpg From the publisher:
For readers who play the violin, whether in the school orchestra, the subway station or the symphony, good instrument care is essential. The Violin Owner's Manual is a complete guide to the selection, repair, preservation and protection of the instrument, regardless of type or value.
The Fiddler's Almanac by Ryan J. Thomson
ML800 .T46 1985  Check Availability
Image:Strings_history_fiddlersalmanac.jpg From the cover of the book:
"A wealth of fiddling lore and illustrations; guide to buying a fiddle and bow; tips on learning and playing the fiddle; over 800 listings of books, records, fiddling and bluegrass organizations, fiddling schools and camps, violin making supplies, films, etc.; all about fiddle contests."
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Stephane Grappelli: A Life in the Jazz Century directed, written and presented by Paul Balmer
DVD 2316-2317  Check Availability
Image:Strings_history_StephaneGrappelli.jpg From
"DVD 1: Main program - Stephane Grappelli – A Life in the Jazz Century. DVD 2: Bonus Features: 7 complete music clips, some not seen for 70 years including: Stephane in a bizarre...1920's 'music hall' setting. The rarest and most frequently bootlegged 'music video' in the world - Stephane with Django Reinhardt - 5 years in litigation, digitally restored and available officially for the first time since 1936. Stephane with pianist George Shearing in 1948 - the lost film the British Film Institute didn't know it had - unseen for 50 years. And much more!"
Turning Corners: The Life and Music of Leroy Jenkins by Carl E. Baugher
ML418.J462 B38 2000  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-BOOKS.jpg From
"Many consider Leroy Jenkins to be the leading violinist of the Post Bop, creative improvising music revolution. This study traces Jenkins' life journey in music from the church to the concert hall and provides an in-depth analysis of his work along with a complete discography."
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Yo-Yo Ma: A Life in Music by John Attanas
ML418.M115 A88 2003  Check Availability
Image:Yo_Yo_Ma_a_life_in_Music(2).jpg‎ From the publisher:
"A biography of the world renowned cellist with a comprehensive account of his musical career and recommendations for first listening to his sound recordings."
Walk on the North Side: Memoirs of a Violist by William Primrose
ML418.P75 A3  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-BOOKS.jpg From the book's dust jacket:
"In this book are Primrose's reminiscences, reflections, and insights, from his childhood in his native Glasgow, through an eventful concert career, to his current experience as a teacher and adjucator. Told with a brisk, down-to-earth objectivity, but with sensitivity and compassion, the many anecdotes - sometimes touching, often humorous - involve such well-known music personalities as Toscanini, Piatigorski, and Suzuki."
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The Art of Quartet Playing: The Guarneri Quartet in Conversation with David Blum by David Blum
MT728.B6 1987  Check Availability
Image:Strings_history_theartofquartetplaying.jpg From the publisher:
"These intelligent conversations will be greeted enthusiastically not only by string players and serious musicians but also by advanced listeners. The members of the Guarneri Quartet discuss their backgrounds, training, cooperative efforts, problems with specific repertoire, and reactions to composers and conductors."
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Magazines and Journals

Strings Articles  
Selected magazines and journals from the library's collection
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Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Strings_history_mag_strings.jpg From the publisher:
"For players and makers of bowed stringed instruments with practical articles on techniques of performance plus how to care for and evaluate instruments and bows."
The Strad 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Strings_history_mag_thestrad.jpg From the publisher:
"For those interested in the stringed instruments player, manufacturer, collector, student, and teacher."
Fiddler Magazine 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Strings_history_mag_fiddler.jpg From the publisher:
"Fiddler Magazine is an informative, educational, and entertaining resource for fiddlers, accompanists, and appreciative listeners."
American String Teacher 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Strings_history_mag_asta.jpg From the publisher:
"The award-winning American String Teacher journal is published quarterly. It is available exclusively to ASTA members."