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Women, Feminists and Music Conference: Transforming Tomorrow Today: Concert Program

Concerts: Women, Feminists, Music: Transforming Tomorrow Today,

Friday Concert



June 7, 2019  at the David Friend Recital Hall


Earth Mother                             Kittie Cooper

  • Interactive electronics, Kittie Cooper


Unraveling                            Samantha Spear

  • Sam Spear, Soprano Saxophone
  • Caitlin Aylmer, Alto Saxophone
  • Sam Moffett, Tenor Saxophone 1
  • Claudia Medina,Tenor Saxophone
  • Nicholas Suchecki, Baritone Saxophone


Foundations                       Amparo Edo Biol

  • Samuel Boswell, tuba
  • Sandra Hebert, piano


Of Spheres                       Angela Slater Nicole

  • Parks, violin 1
  • Kyra Davies, violin 2
  • Maureen Heflinger, viola
  • Gramm Drennan, violoncello




The Everyday Lullaby: Unfurlings and Solidarities            Elizabeth Ditmanson

  • Mahoko Taniguchi, lyric soprano
  • Oriana Inferrera, lyric coloratura
  • Alexandra Logue, lyric coloratura
  • Yohji Daquio, coloratura


Variations on a Laundry Song                       Deborah Yardley Beers

  • Deborah Yardley Beers, piano


the chance that time takes                           Kristina Warren

  • Nicole Parks, violin 1
  • Kyra Davies, violin 2
  • Maureen Heflinger, viola
  • Gramm Drennan, violoncello



Saturday Concert


June 8, 2019,  David Friend Recital Hall


Lakapati                            Rachael Coleman

  • Fixed media


Grappes                           Tao Yu

  • Jeffrey Means, percussion


Long Distance                                 Dayton Kinney

  • Shannon Leigh, clarinet
  • Nicole Parks, violin
  • Kevin Madison, piano




Excerpts from The City is Burning                 Linda Chase 

  • Burcu Güleç, voice
  • Nedelka Prescod, voice and members of the Berklee Crepusculum Choir
  • Anna Unchu Pyon, piano
  • Linda J. Chase, flute


Red Light/Green Light                          Rita Yung

  • Sarah Brady, flute
  • Kelly Vaneman, oboe
  • Shannon Leigh, clarinet
  • Grant Bingham, bassoon 
  • Amparo Edo Biol, horn


The Passion of Joan of Arc                   Simona Minns

  • Simona Minns, voice
  • Simona Minns, kankles
  • Nicole Parks, violin 1
  • Kyra Davies, violin 2
  • Louie Lau, viola
  • Gramm Drennan, violoncello


Lucy                                     Elena Ruehr

  • Sarah Brady, flute
  • Michael Norsworthy, clarinet
  • Nicole Parks, violin
  • Louie Lau, viola
  • Ben Baker, violoncello
  • Sandra Hebert, piano