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ABLE Music Resource Center

This guide will serves as the prototype information portal that connects users to professional development materials and resources.

Announcing REMIX


Please visit the brand new and searchable ABLE Arts Research Center home at


See the collection press release for more details: 


Berklee Announces ABLE Arts Resource Center
August 5, 2020



Let your style take shape - educational kit

(Developed by VSA Arts, 2004)

Four Page Teacher's Guide 

Four Page Teacher's Guide 

Four Reproducible Student Activities 

A Wall Poster 


The Artistry of Water

(VSA Arts, 2009)

The Artistry of Water is a free, cross-disciplinary resource that encourages students to think critically about the connections between the visual arts and science—specifically, the study of our most important natural resource: water. 

VSA_Artistry of Water_Teacher Guide 
VSA_Artistry of Water_Student Activities 

VSA_Artistry Of Water_Activity 1 Images 
VSA_Artistry Of Water_Activity 2 Images 
VSA_Artistry Of Water_Activity 3 Images 
VSA_Artistry Of Water_Activity 4 Images 

Start with the Arts

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (2012)

Start with the Arts Full Start with Arts Program

Chapter 1 Introduction: A Guide for Inclusive Practice In Your Classroom

Chapter 2 All About Me (18 Lessons)

Chapter 3 How I Go From Here to There (12 Lessons)

Chapter 4 Feeling Hot, Cold and Wet (12 Lessons)

Chapter 5 The World Around Me (12 Lessons)

Chapter 6 Kindergarten Through 4th Grade National Standards for Arts Education 

Chapter 7 Resources List

Chapter 8 Bibliography

Tip Sheets

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (2010)

TipSheets are produced collaboratively with members of the Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability (LEAD) network. TipSheets are intended solely as guidance and are not a determination of an organization’s legal rights and responsibilities. You are welcome to copy and distribute these TipSheets.


Click the links below to access information on a variety of topics for ADA/504 coordinators, accessibility managers, or other cultural arts professionals interested in making their facilities and programming more accessible to people with disabilities.


The Color Red in Design

Captioning and CART

Large Print Programs

Radio Frequency, Induction Loop, and Infrared Assistive Listening Systems

Producing and Distributing Braille and Large Print Programs

Service Animals and the Revised ADA Regulations

Staff Training Resources 

Universal Design Resources on the Web 

Universal Principles of Online Accessible Ticketing

The Impact of the 2010 Regulations on Hold and Release Policies for Wheelchair Accessible Seating

2010 Revised Regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act Titles II and III